NFL London 2023 schedule, dates, time, tickets, games list, venue, live stream telecast

NFL London 2023 schedule, dates, time, tickets, games list, venue, live stream telecast

Know all details about the 2023 NFL London, which will see London host three NFL games including the much-anticipated Falcons vs Jaguars at the Wembley Stadium along with the dates, games and tickets

Sending multiple games to the United Kingdom has become an annual custom for the league. Since 2007, there has been at least one game played in NFL London each year, with the exception of 2020. In the current year, there are plans for three matches in England, and notably, two of these will involve the Jaguars, making them a consistent presence in the International Series.

NFL London 2023 schedule, dates, time, tickets, games and events list, venue, live stream telecast

London will host three of these games, with the first one taking place at Wembley Stadium and the subsequent two at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The final two international games will be held at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany.


2023 NFL London schedule, date, venue, & participating teams

The 2023 NFL season has kicked off, and London is gearing up to host three exciting regular season matches. As per schedule, the inaugural 2023 NFL London game is scheduled for Sunday, October 1st, featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars facing off against the Atlanta Falcons at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Following this matchup, there will be two consecutive games hosted at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will serve as the venue for two of these games, with the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans playing as the designated home teams for their respective contests. Notably, the Jacksonville Jaguars will continue their tradition of playing regular season games in London, making it their 10th consecutive year at their second home, Wembley Stadium. Tickets can be bought from here.


we examine the full schedule for the upcoming 2023 NFL International Series:

Date Game Location Time (ET) TV
October 2 Falcons vs. Jaguars London, U.K. 9:30 a.m. ESPN+
October 8 Bills vs. Jaguars London, U.K. 9:30 a.m. NFL Network, Fubo
October 15 Ravens vs. Titans London, U.K. 9:30 a.m. NFL Network, Fubo
November 5 Dolphins vs. Chiefs Frankfurt, Germany 9:30 a.m. NFL Network, Fubo
November 12 Colts vs. Patriots Frankfurt, Germany 9:30 a.m. NFL Network, Fubo

NFL London: all-time matches list and results


Match Stadium
2007 Giants 13-10 Dolphins Wembley Stadium
2008 Saints 37-32 Chargers Wembley Stadium
2009 Patriots 25-7 Buccaneers Wembley Stadium
2010 49ers 24-16 Broncos Wembley Stadium
2011 Bears 24-18 Buccaneers Wembley Stadium
2012 Patriots 45-7 Rams Wembley Stadium
2013 Vikings 34-27 Steelers Wembley Stadium
2013 49ers 42-10 Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2014 Dolphins 38-14 Raiders Wembley Stadium
2014 Lions 22-21 Falcons Wembley Stadium
2014 Cowboys 31-17 Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2015 Jets 27-14 Dolphins Wembley Stadium
2015 Jaguars 34-31 Bills Wembley Stadium
2015 Chiefs 45-10 Lions Wembley Stadium
2016 Jaguars 30-27 Colts Wembley Stadium
2016 Giants 17-10 Rams Twickenham Stadium
2016 Washington 27-27 Bengals Wembley Stadium
2017 Jaguars 44-7 Ravens Wembley Stadium
2017 Saints 20-0 Dolphins Wembley Stadium
2017 Rams 33-0 Cardinals Twickenham Stadium
2017 Vikings 33-16 Browns Twickenham Stadium
2018 Seahawks 27-3 Raiders Wembley Stadium
2018 Chargers 20-19 Titans Wembley Stadium
2018 Eagles 24-18 Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2019 Raiders 24-21 Bears Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2019 Panthers 37-26 Buccaneers Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2019 Rams 24-10 Bengals Wembley Stadium
2019 Texans 26-3 Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2021 Falcons 27-20 Jets Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2021 Jaguars 23-20 Dolphins Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2022 Vikings 28-25 Saints Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2022 Giants 27-22 Packers Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2022 Broncos 21-17 Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2023 Falcons vs Jaguars Wembley Stadium
2023 Bills vs Jaguars Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
2023 Ravens vs Titans Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

When And Where to Watch: Live Stream And Telecast

The majority of the NFL London games will be accessible to viewers with a cable subscription through the NFL Network, where each game will be broadcast. However, the Week 4 matchup between the Falcons and Jaguars will be exclusively shown on ESPN+. Furthermore, in addition to being broadcast on NFL Network and ESPN+, the NFL London games will also be televised locally in the areas where the participating teams are based. For those who do not have a cable subscription, there is an option to stream the NFL Network games on Fubo, which provides a free trial period.


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