NBA referee Eric Lewis caught using CuttliffBlair Twitter burner account to reply to peple

NBA referee Eric Lewis caught using CuttliffBlair Twitter burner account to reply to peple

The NBA inquiry into referee Eric Lewis alleged burner account was revealed over the weekend after social media users observed he exclusively reacted to tweets about him using the handle CuttliffBlair

What has been the story?

NBA referee Eric Lewis caught using CuttliffBlair Twitter burner account to reply to peple as investigation begins

According to NBA analyst Marc Stein, the user @CuttliffBlair primarily responded to tweets mentioning Lewis, which sparked the investigation. “NBA ref Eric Lewis has been outed as having a burner account,” said a message from a Twitter user who uploaded the screen recording of every activity from the handle CuttliffBlair.

The tweet quickly became public on social media. Eric received harsh criticism from several Twitter users for the burner account. NBA Twitter first started to question Lewis after a picture of his family wearing Boston Celtics shirts appeared online. Even supporters mocked the referee and asked that they be suspended.


In a regular-season game between the Lakers and Celtics earlier this year, Lewis, 52, was a member of the officiating staff. In the final play of the game, James was fouled by Jayson Tatum on a potential game-winning shot, and the officials decided not to blow their whistles. Other outrageous calls in favour of Boston and missed calls for the Purple & Gold occurred in that game.

Lakers fans were absolutely furious.

NBA supporters, though, didn’t pause to consider the deed. One commenter said, “Any time the league’s credibility is questioned, that’s not a good look, and yes, I think gambling comes into play here with this situation, so it’s highly likely Eric Lewis is gone or faces a significant suspension.”


NBA began an investigation right away after reacting swiftly to Eric Lewis’s issue as reported on a Twitter burner account. The account was later terminated, though. If the accusations are found to be accurate, it will be interesting to watch how the league handles this scenario. It might be time to stop allowing referees to call games featuring the family team.

LeBron mocked the referee on Twitter.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James responded to the NBA investigation on Twitter on Saturday. The 38-year-old James added an “eyebrow raise” emoji to indicate his scepticism of the accusations. The King will be startled when the league’s investigation finds that it was actually his handle because the Twitter account was removed immediately after users revealed the referee.

“This Eric Lewis [poop emoji] true?” James tweeted.



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