NBA finals 2023 referees list and referee salary

NBA finals 2023 referees list and referee salary

NBA has recently announced the NBA Finals 2023 referees list

Here’s what we know about them.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals 2023 saw Marc Davis, David Guthrie, and Ed Malloy officiating the game. In Denver, the highly anticipated Finals series began when the Denver Nuggets take on the Miami Heat. The game begins at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time and was broadcasted on ABC.

NBA finals 2023 referees full list and referee salary

In addition to the specific crew for Game 1, the NBA has also revealed the list of 12 game officials who have been assigned to oversee the entirety of the 2023 NBA Finals. This elite team of referees got this unique chance as a result of their outstanding playoff performances.

The NBA President of League Operations, Byron Spruell, described officiating the NBA Finals as “the pinnacle for an NBA official,” highlighting the importance of the event. Spruell highlighted further that by constantly producing excellent work during the playoff rounds, this crew of officials has proven that they are deserving of respect.

When choosing the referees for the NBA Finals, the management staff of the NBA Referee Operations conducted a thorough review and deliberation process. After each round of the 2023 playoffs, each official’s performance was evaluated in order to determine their promotion and eligibility to officiate in this year’s eagerly awaited postseason series.


They guarantee that the games are played with the highest professionalism and fairness, which improves the entire experience for players, coaches, and spectators. With the NBA Finals set to unfold, fans can expect a high level of officiating from this esteemed group of referees.

So, let’s find out everything about them.

NBA referees are some of the highest-paid officials in professional sports, with a salary that range from $150,000 to $550,000 per year, however, this figure can vary depending on the referee’s level of experience and the number of games they officiate during the season, as they earn a fee for each game they officiate.


Selected NBA Finals 2023 referees

The NBA Finals will have 12 officials working them, plus two substitutes. The complete list of referees assigned to the Heat vs. Nuggets series is provided below:

Name Number of NBA Finals officiated
Scott Foster 16
Tony Brothers 12
Marc Davis 12
Zach Zarba 10
Ed Malloy 8
John Goble 7
David Guthrie 6
Bill Kennedy 5
Josh Tiven 4
James Williams 3
Courtney Kirkland 3
Kevin Scott 1
Tyler Ford (alternative) 0
Ben Taylor (alternative) 0

Officials for Game 1

  • Marc Davis: Crew Chief, No. 8

Marc Davis brings extensive experience to the 2023 NBA Finals officiating crew. With 25 seasons in the NBA, this marks his impressive 12th Finals appearance. He has officiated 174 playoff games, including 18 in the NBA Finals.

  • David Guthrie: Referee, No. 16

With his sixth Finals participation in an 18-season career, David Guthrie brings his experience to the NBA Finals referees in 2023. Throughout his 85 career playoff games, Guthrie has officiated eight NBA Finals matchups.

  • Ed Malloy: Umpire, No. 14

Ed Malloy adds a lot of expertise to the NBA Finals officiating staff with his stellar 21-season stint. This marks his remarkable ninth appearance in the NBA Finals. Throughout his career, Malloy has officiated a total of 10 NBA Finals games and 128 playoff games, showcasing his expertise in high-stakes matchups.

  • Tyler Ford: Alternate, No. 39

Ford, in his eighth season as an official, is set to officiate his first NBA Finals. With 400 regular season and 23 playoff games under his belt, Ford has proven his capabilities on the court. He brings experience from officiating in the WNBA for four seasons and working in Division I college basketball for conferences like the Big Ten.

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