NASCAR Next Gen-7 Car 2022 Specs, Differences, Top Speed, Price, Chassis, Engine

NASCAR Next Gen-7 Car 2022 Specs, Differences, Top Speed, Price, Chassis, Engine

The Next Gen vehicle, formerly known as the Gen-7 car, is the popular moniker for the future NASCAR Cup Series race car that will debut in 2022, know its specs and differences

We take a look at the technical specifications and design of the car.

The Next Gen will be a development of the Generation 6 car, with stronger aero and downforce packages as well as new track innovations.

Furthermore, the Next Generation vehicle is intended to reduce costs and recruit new original equipment manufacturers to compete with Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota.

NASCAR Next Gen-7 Car 2022 Specs, Differences vs Current Car, Engine, Chassis, Price, Top Speed

Relative to NASCAR’s current car speeds will be similar with 670 and 550 horsepower, depending on the track. The top speed for a driver in the NextGen car was 175.718 MPH by Aric Almirola with a lap time of 30.731 seconds with the car set to bring down ownership cost by 40% but only from the second year with the first year set to be expensive for the teams.

Aero and Downforce Package Design

A stepped front splitter, aerodynamic vents on the bonnet, and a reworked side skirt are all expected for the Next Gen car, all of which are intended to lessen side force. The rear diffuser, which will be used for the first time in NASCAR, is a major feature to the Next Gen car.


Technical Specs

Chassis Steel tube frame including integral safety roll cage
Length 193.4 inches
Width 78.6 inches
Height 50.4 inches
Wheelbase 110 inches
Engine 5.86 L V8 Naturally aspirated FR layout
Transmission five forward speeds and one reverse Sequential manual transmission
Weight 3,200 lbs minimum excluding driver and fuel
3,400 lbs minimum including driver and fuel
Fuel Sunoco Green E15
Tire Goodyear


Technological Revolutions

Spec Chassis

Despite early claims that the Next Gen will have a carbon fibre tub, NASCAR engineer Brandon Thomas confirmed that the car would still have a steel space frame with a modular configuration to allow for faster setups.

Independent Rear Suspension

Instead of the solid rear axle used in earlier generations, the Next Gen car will feature an independent rear suspension with 5-way adjustable TTR dampers. This is similar to the race cars used in IMSA.


Wheel Design

The original 15-inch steel wheel with a five-lug pattern will be replaced with a new 18-inch aluminum wheel with a single Centre-locking lug nut, according to NASCAR.

Refueling System

A clamp-on refueling pipe, similar to those used in IMSA, is planned to be utilized on the Next Gen car. The utilization of the typical gas cylinder canister carried over the pit wall would be eliminated.


Safety Concerns

Drivers voiced concern about interior heat after the Daytona testing since the exhaust was placed right under the seat.

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