My Sibling’s Romance ending explained and final episode couple cast

My Sibling’s Romance ending explained and final episode couple cast

Have a look at the final couple of My Sibling’s Romance

The popular romantic K-drama “My Sibling’s Romance,” has finally concluded with its finale episode airing on Friday, June 14, 2024.

Though the dating show has ended, many are curious about the ending of My Sibling’s Romance Episode 16. So, for those curious fans, here we have provided you with a simplified explanation of the final episode.

My Sibling’s Romance ending explained and final couple cast

For the unversed, Episode 15 of My Sibling’s Romance showed us the participants playing a revealing game “Truth or Date,” as they exposed their true feelings.

During the game, we saw, Yun Jae’s responses hinted that his final choice would be Yun Ha. Meanwhile, Se Seung and Jung Sub experienced a significant misunderstanding.

Chul Hyun, Cho A, and Ju Yeon seemed to have come to terms with their feelings, regardless of the other person’s decision.

A major highlight of the previous episode was Ji Won’s confusion over choosing between Jae Hyung and Yong Woo, leaving fans eager to see her final decision in Episode 16.


Episode 16 Ending Explained

Episode 16 began with the aftermath of Siblings Truth or Dare, as the contestants returned to the house. Jung Sub was anxious after Se Seung indicated during the game that she would not choose anyone.

Realizing a misunderstanding, his sister Yun Ha intervened to help clarify things with Se Seung.


Their conversation resolved the miscommunication, and when the time for final choices arrived, Jung Sub and Se Seung chose each other, becoming the first official couple of the show.

As everyone speculated, Yun Jae chose Yun Ha and vice versa. Later, it was revealed that the two even started dating in real life following show’s ending.


Additionally, we also witness, that before making her decision, Ji Won spoke to both Jae Hyung and Yong Woo. Although she had comforting dates with Jae Hyung, she still felt they were too different, leading, Ji Won to choose Yong Woo as her final partner.

Where to Watch 

For the unfamiliar, Korean drama enthusiasts can head to the official platforms of Rakuten Viki, Wavve and Kocowa to enjoy all episodes of My Sibling’s Romance. The dating show has been rated 8.1/10.

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