My Hero Academia Chapter 402 spoilers Reddit and Twitter, raw scans and summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 spoilers Reddit and Twitter, raw scans and summary

The fans are excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 402 raw scans and spoilers which were recently released

Stain and All Might join forces in the previous chapter to defeat All For One. Though his body was fighting to keep him alive, All Might had reached his physical limits. He yelled at AFO to keep fighting nevertheless. AFO was about to utilize his Gloop Warp quirk on Tomura when he realized he was finally close enough.

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 spoilers Reddit and Twitter, leaks, raw scans and summary

Chapter 402 – Pre-Release Thread
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Spoilers for the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 402 have revealed the chapter’s working title to be “The Tearful Day.” At the beginning of the chapter, the police announced that Shoto and Ochaco had captured Dabi and Toga. In addition, it showed Momo Yaoyorozu, who appeared to be fighting the Twices with a spear and machine guns, to her legion of supporters for the first time.

Mei Hatsume confirmed that the island could once again float because it had gotten lighter now that the Twices had left the U.A. Meanwhile, Deku was fighting Tomura Shigaraki in close quarters, successfully keeping him away from U.A. Unfortunately for Shigaraki, AFO had already gotten close enough to use his Gloop Warp.


All for One

AFO made an effort to teleport Shigaraki to where he was. But Shigaraki wouldn’t let himself be skewed. Shigaraki continued to battle Deku after realizing that AFO was abusing his peculiarity.

After assessing the strength of Shigaraki’s mind, AFO decided to alter his strategy. He made up his mind to travel to Deku and Shigaraki via air, taking All Might along for the ride. Shigaraki poked fun of Deku for this, saying that he had to rescue All Might. However, Shigaraki intended to eliminate everyone at U.A. if Deku went after All Might. Just thinking about it made Deku gasp for air.

Deku, fighting back tears, finally accepted the fact that All Might was dying when he saw the last of his might ebbing away. Deku broke down in tears and yelled All Might’s name since he could no longer hold them back.



Spoilers for Chapter 402 of My Hero Academia revealed a flashback featuring All Might and Izuku Midoriya in their days as the series’ top heroes. Remembered the time Deku had asked him if he could be a hero without having any special abilities.

Then, with the arm still wearing the gauntlet, All Might grabbed AFO by the throat. AFO’s mind immediately went back to the last moments of Nana Shimura’s life.


AFO didn’t understand why he kept getting these memories of Nana. Now he recalled what the ex-user of One For All had told him.