My Hero Academia chapter 401 spoilers Reddit and Twitter, leaks, raw scans

My Hero Academia chapter 401 spoilers Reddit and Twitter, leaks, raw scans

The fans were all hyped for My Hero Academia Chapter 401 whose raw scans and spoilers finally got leaked on Twitter and Reddit

All Might employ strikes in the prior chapter to weaken AFO, but the enemy aged backward and became a glowing youngster. Hagakure also came into full view, at which point she understood that her heightened emotions frequently rendered her Quirk ineffective.

My Hero Academia chapter 401 manga spoilers Reddit and Twitter, leaks, raw scans

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My Hero Academia Chapter 401 is titled “The Lunatic,” In the opening scene, we see Stain take off on his Glider and head to the conflict between AFO and All Might. From All Might’s interaction with Iida and Shoto, whom he refers to as the “Scar kid,” he realized what was going on. A closer inspection of the blood revealed that it wasn’t All Might’s blood, and he noted a surge in blood and debris as he approached.


Chapter 401 of My Hero Academia then jumps back in time to the present, where Stain is concerned that All Might has missed the point of his own life. The only reason Stain gave his speech in Kamino was to make All Might appreciate his existence. All Might says he gets it, and the two team up for an assault.

Stain performs an alternate version (Ore ga kita) of All Might’s iconic I Am Here (Watashi ga kita), but it has no impact. To counteract Stain’s Quirk, AFO combines the Quirks of “Forced Activation” and “Phlebotomy,” which cause AFO’s blood to escape his body.

All For One Victory

According to AFO, the demon lord knew Stain was preparing something against the villains. Because he was the only one to depart Tartarus on his own. When Stain needs extra blood, AFO uses Antigen Modification to completely alter his blood’s chemical makeup.


Evidently, he is well-versed in this technique, as it has allowed him to remain covert for so long. Then, out of nowhere, a mouth sprung up behind Stain and bit him, forcing him to bleed heavily. AFO makes fun of him by joking that he’s feeling better now that he’s had blood transfused into his body. Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 401 make it hard to tell if AFO is talking about himself or someone else.

AFO further ridicules him by saying that Stain served his role for Tomura and the league and is now redundant. Stain sees them as interconnected entities. He prayed to All Might, who had taught him what it was to be a hero, to help him “win this fight” as AFO slammed into him, sending blood spraying everywhere. AFO probably takes his individuality trait.


All Might is still with us, and he beckons to AFO with a mighty roar. Soon after, however, the police report claims that AFO has approached Shigaraki and U.A. Closely enough to employ his alternate Warp teleportation, Quirk. On the final page of Chapter 401 of My Hero Academia, AFO watches the crumbling U.A. island.