My Demon episode 3 and 4 release date, time, preview, recap, where to watch Ep Eng sub

My Demon episode 3 and 4 release date, time, preview, recap, where to watch Ep Eng sub

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Korean romantic television series My Demon will air soon, know the release date, time, and where to watch the ep here

In the previous episode, fans have seen that Gu-won found the tattoo on Do-hee’s arm after taking her arm. She wonders about his identity and the things he has done to her as he inquires as to what is going on. In a flashback, Do-hee’s tattoo appears on her arm as she tries to save him. Gu-won came to and held Do-hee’s arm as soon as she fell out into the water. If you are also following the Korean series My Demon and are excited for episode 3, we have got you covered here.

My Demon Kdrama episode 3 and 4 release date, time, preview, recap, where to watch Ep Eng sub

Later, Gu-won and Da-Jeong, who appear to be quite nice, are at Do-hee’s side as she recovers at the hospital. The secretary responds that she has been sleeping for the last five hours. Gu-won informed Da-jeong about their difficult situation, and she made it happen. Do-hee wonders what is wrong with Gu-won after witnessing him behaving so sweetly in front of Da-jeong.


He departs in search of the doctor, and that’s when Gu-won shows his true emotions. He then informs Do-hee that he has already provided the authorities with a thorough description of the culprit. Do-hee tries to brush off the topic of the tattoo when the conversation turns to it. When she learns it’s an original tattoo, she begins to think about getting it removed using the laser.

My Demon release episode 3 and 4 release date and time

The release date of the Korean romantic comedy television series My Demon Episode 3 is December 1, 2023, and ep 4 will air on 2nd December. Fans can enjoy the episodes at the given times:

  • Korean Time: 10 am KST, December 01
  • Central Time: 2 am CT,  December 01
  • Japan Time: 4 pm JST,  December 01
  • India Time: 12.30 pm IST,  December 01

Where can you watch the Korean series My Demon episode 3?

Korean fans can enjoy the television series My Demon Episode 3 on the SBS television network at the above-mentioned time. International fans can stream and enjoy episode 4 of My Demon Kdrama on Netflix online with English subtitles. When Do-hee heads back home, she crosses the street, and somebody tries to splash acid on her. Luckily, despite getting wounded, Gu-won steps in quickly to save her once more.

His acts of kindness evoke do-hee and she informs how having him in her life completely transformed things. He’s holding her arm while they stare at each other on the street and the tattoo starts to become red.


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