Muskan Khan Biography, Education, Hijab Karnataka Controversy, Photo, Video, News

Muskan Khan Biography, Education, Hijab Karnataka Controversy, Photo, Video, News

The controversy started in January after the female students were not allowed to enter Government College because of wearing hijab, know the biography of Muskan Khan

In a video that got viral on Tuesday that was 8th of February 2022 relating to the hijab row, a big controversy took place in the state of Karnataka. A girl was seen entering a school campus in a burqa and shouting loudly ‘Allah-Hu-Akbar’, as a response when the girl was heckled by boys wearing saffron scarfs.

This comes shortly after Rupesh Pandey, a child in Jharkhand was murdered during Saraswati Puja by Muslims. However, Islamists and leftists have turned a blind eye to the murder with the demand of hijab overriding the death of an innocent child.

Muskan Khan Hijab Video, Photo, News


The name of the girl who peddled the propaganda of wearing hijab in the institution and clobbering college uniform rules was Muskan Khan. She is also facing a lot of criticism these days because of her statements and comments.


Muskan Khan Hijab Karnataka Row Controversy Biography, Education

Muskan Khan is a second-year Commerce student at the University of Mandya which is a pre-college. She has become a symbol of courage, encouragement, and strength for the Muslim community and especially for those people who are still fighting for their right to wear hijab. As per reports, several of the politicians have also praised and appreciated her for her brave act against the boys.

Her peddling her agenda comes at a time when Mona Heidari was murdered in Iran by her own cousin as per Sharia law. The 17 year old child bride was killed by her husband with whom she had a 3 year old child as well after the two got married when she was just 12 years old. As widespread protests rock Iran and Middle Eastern countries with women demanding doing away with hijab and burqa, India continues to rot away in an abhorrent school of thought innate to Islamists.

Apart from this, on the other hand, there are several politicians criticizing the girl’s behavior and stating her act as nonsense. Official BC Nagesh who is Karnataka’s Primary and Secondary Education Minister said that “No other student was around her when she loudly shouted “Allah-hu-Akbar”.


Also, he said that Muskan Khan was provoked? This can’t be encouraging “Allah hu Akbar or Jai Shri Ram” on the campus is not allowed. No one can take law and order into their hands and the Government will not spare any in disciplinary action.”

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