Munter Hunters FC name meaning explained as Condi United refuses to play with Sunday league football team

Munter Hunters FC name meaning explained as Condi United refuses to play with Sunday league football team

Have a look at the meaning of the name Munter Hunters FC

Candi United, a community-owned club boasting both men’s and women’s teams, voiced criticism against Munter Hunters FC, their opponents, citing offensive social media posts.

Munter Hunters FC name meaning explained as Condi United refuses to play with Sunday league football team

The term “munter hunter” was described as slang for someone regularly pursuing unattractive individuals with the sole aim of engaging with them to boost self-esteem.

While the Football Association (FA) states that they are investigating the matter, Candi United contends that stricter codes of conduct are essential for affiliated leagues’ organizers to respond swiftly and decisively to instances of offensive, misogynistic, and discriminatory behavior, both in-person and online.

What Did Founder of Candi United Say?

Nick Wigmore, the founder and CEO of Candi United, expressed frustration with the systematic challenges in addressing such issues and called for better education and guidelines within football leagues.

He emphasized the importance of creating an environment where leagues can take decisive action against offensive behavior.


In his statement, Wigmore expressed “The challenge lies in their inability to address the issue, that’s the crux of the matter. Our intention isn’t to advocate for banning individuals or preventing them from enjoying football.

“Instead, our primary frustration stems from the persistent systemic issues in handling such situations. We expressed a desire to engage in a dialogue with the league and even volunteered assistance in establishing a code of conduct, but unfortunately, our efforts were met with no response.”

He further emphasize that “We are hesitant to resume play until a collective commitment is made by all parties involved to improve the situation. Regrettably, we have not observed any signs of a genuine willingness to address the matter; the prevailing inclination seems to be to dismiss it.”


The club is pushing for enhanced education and guidelines to empower leagues to address offensive and discriminatory behavior effectively. Wigmore commended the players for refusing to play against a team with an offensive name, highlighting the club’s commitment to standing up for women.

He underscored that Candi United exists for more than just providing a platform for Sunday football, with the club actively involved in community work, free sessions, and walking football.

The New Journal revealed posts by Munter Hunters FC, which declined to comment until the investigation concludes. Candi’s chair, Kat Craig, emphasized the club’s pride in the Sunday Men’s Team players’ solidarity, hoping that their stance will contribute to positive change in football.


The London Football League, responsible for arranging Candi’s fixtures, postponed the game pending the FA investigation, while the Amateur FA affirmed their commitment to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity.

A spokesperson from the Football Association condemned all forms of misogyny, emphasizing a strong stance against such behavior and assuring that appropriate action would be taken against any guilty club or individual. The FA expressed a serious commitment to addressing and preventing such incidents within the sport.

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