Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date And Time, Story, Spoilers And Where To Watch

Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date And Time, Story, Spoilers And Where To Watch

Episode 5 of the miniseries Moon Knight will air soon, know about the release date and time, story, spoilers, and where to watch the show here.

So far, we have seen after Marc gets shot, the episode takes a surprising turn. The show’s lead character Marc wakes up in the psychiatric facility with Steven.  It’s unclear if this is actually happening, but all of the main characters make an appearance in this strange new reality. It leaves Marc and the viewers wondering whether he imagined it all.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date And Time, Story, Spoilers, Where To Watch

In the last episode, we have also seen Marc and Steven trapped in a hospital ward. The appearance of the hippo goddess in episode 4, has left all the fans of Moon Knight on the edge. If you watched the last episode and are excited about Episode 5 of Moon Knight, then we have got you covered here.


Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date And Time

Episode 5 of this popular miniseries Moon Knight is set to release on April 27, 2022. You can enjoy episode 5 at 12.00 am according to The Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday. If you are following the Eastern Time Zone, then you can enjoy this episode at 3.01 am on the same day. Episode 5 will be a semi-final episode of the Moon Knight as the show consists of only 6 episodes.

Spoilers For The Episode 

In Episode 5, viewers can see how Marc and Steven find their way out of the ward. The area where they are trapped is most likely inside Marc and Steven’s brains. As a result, this might imply that the program is planning to go into our hero’s early storyline. Viewers will get to see about Marc’s origins and how he got to be Moon Knight.  We can also see the role of Layla in the upcoming episode of Moon Knight. Layla might also help to revive Marc or Steven as she has the ability to restore the dead. 


Where Can You Watch This Episode?

If you are thinking about where to watch Episode 5 of Moon Knight, then you are at the right place. You can stream Episode 5 of this miniseries at Disney+Hotstar. All the previous and upcoming episodes of Moon Knight are only available to enjoy exclusively on Disney+.

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