MLB Spring Training 2024 countdown, schedule, start date, time, locations and tickets

MLB Spring Training 2024 countdown, schedule, start date, time, locations and tickets

Have a look at the MLB Spring Training schedule, date, locations, 2024 tickets and more about all the 30 clubs 

Erik Neander, president of baseball operations, and manager Kevin Cash will hold the customary press conference to kick off Spring Training on Tuesday as the Rays’ pitchers and catchers report to Charlotte Sports Park.

MLB Spring Training 2024 countdown, schedule, start date, time, teams, locations and tickets

This week, pitchers and catchers started reporting to camps in Arizona and Florida, and before the end of the month, exhibition games will start. The date of Opening Day 2024 is set for Thursday, March 28. In January, MLB released a schedule of each team’s spring training reporting dates.

The inaugural spring training meeting between the two division foes is scheduled for February 22 on ESPN in the Cactus League. On February 24, all 30 MLB clubs will compete in Cactus and Grapefruit League games after a few other teams begin spring training the next day.

Before spring training officially ends, there will be two regular-season games. March 20–21 will see the Dodgers and Padres play the Seoul Series in Seoul, South Korea.

On March 24, MLB teams will reopen at their home stadiums for three days of exhibition play prior to the official start of the season on March 28.


The Cactus League is for teams based in Arizona, and the Grapefruit League is for clubs based in Florida. Teams only face other teams inside their state. The Dodgers, for instance, whose spring training facilities are in Arizona, will not play the Braves, whose spring training facilities are in Florida, during spring training.

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MLB spring 2024 training

Pitchers and catchers report on February 14 or 15, while position players report on February 19 or 20 for the majority of teams.

Team Pitchers/catchers Position players
Arizona Diamondbacks February 14 Feb. 19
Atlanta Braves February 15 Feb. 20
Baltimore Orioles February 15 Feb. 20
Boston Red Sox February 14 Feb. 19
Chicago Cubs February 14 Feb. 19
Chicago White Sox February 14 Feb. 19
Cincinnati Reds February 14 Feb. 19
Cleveland Guardians February 15 Feb. 20
Colorado Rockies February 15 Feb. 20
Detroit Tigers February 14 Feb. 19
Houston Astros February 14 Feb. 19
Kansas City Royals February 14 Feb. 19
Los Angeles Angels February 14 Feb. 19
Los Angeles Dodgers February 9 Feb. 14
Miami Marlins February 15 Feb. 20
Milwaukee Brewers February 15 Feb. 20
Minnesota Twins February 14 Feb. 18
New York Mets February 15 Feb. 19
New York Yankees February 15 Feb. 20
Oakland Athletics February 14 Feb. 19
Philadelphia Phillies February 14 Feb. 19
Pittsburgh Pirates February 14 Feb. 19
San Diego Padres February 11 Feb. 16
San Francisco Giants February 15 Feb. 20
Seattle Mariners February 15 Feb. 20
St. Louis Cardinals February 14 Feb. 19
Tampa Bay Rays February 14 Feb. 19
Texas Rangers February 14 Feb. 19
Toronto Blue Jays February 15 Feb. 20
Washington Nationals February 14 Feb. 20


February 22

  • Cactus League starts

February 23

  • Grapefruit League starts

March 9-10

  • Dominican Republic Series

March 20-21

  • Seoul Series

March 24-26

  • Exhibition at MLB ballparks

March 26

  • Spring training ends

March 28

  • Opening Day