Mitropa Chess Cup 2022 Schedule, Date, Time, Fixtures Players, Format, Prize Money

Mitropa Chess Cup 2022 Schedule, Date, Time, Fixtures Players, Format, Prize Money

The Mitropa Chess Cup 2022 will take place from April 27 to May 8 at the Corte Sports Complex (COSEC) in Corte, Corsica, France, know its schedule

Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland are eligible to compete in the Mitropa Cup 2022.

The Mitropa Cup is an annual team chess event for Central European national teams. This year’s traditional team tournament has ten nations participating on four boards in an Open and a Women’s segment. Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland are among the countries represented. The tournament first took place in 1976 in Innsbruck.

Mitropa Chess Cup 2022 Schedule, Date, Time, Fixtures Players, Live Stream, Tickets Prize Money, Format, Live Stream

The competition will be divided into two parts: the open division and the women’s section. An extra team from the organizer (Corsican League) will compete in the Open division. For the years 2022 and 2021, all players on this team must be licensed in a Corsican club.

The tournament will be played in nine rounds, round-robin style, with a time limit of 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to finish the game, with a 30-second increment for each move beginning with move one. The top three teams will get trophies as well as gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Federations must confirm their participation by March 31, 2022. The squad composition must be registered by April 7, 2022.

At the conclusion of the European Individual Chess Championship, which was won by Matthias Bluebaum, Tournament Director Nina Rob presented the ECU flag to Stephane Escarfe and the French Chess Federation in preparation for the next Mitropa Cup 2022.


The FFE was present at the Mitropa Cup Association’s foundational assembly. This new organization was formed on the sidelines of the European Chess Union’s most recent conference in Slovenia, and it brings together the ten Central European federations that currently compete in the Mitropa Cup.

The FFE will host the 40th edition of this competition in 2022. The Corsican Chess League has been delegated the organization by the Federal Board of Directors.


Chess is one of the most popular activities on the beautiful island. The Corsican Chess League has been an example of chess dynamism and development for more than two decades.

It is now present throughout the island and distinguishes itself via the quality of its activities in schools, the excellence of its training for young people, and the organizing of iconic events.

The FFE thanks the Corsican Chess League for this collaboration and is glad that the Mitropa Cup 2022 will be hosted in an extraordinary venue that will definitely thrill the competing teams. Corte will be in the heart of Europe from April 27th to May 8th, 2022.

The Mitropa Cup Association issued the following press release:

The MITROPA nations of Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland established the Mitropa Chess Association (MCA) on November 13, 2021, in Catez, Slovenia, following the ECU General Assembly. The European Chess Union’s Secretary-General, Theodorus Tsorbatzoglou, was invited to the conference.

Gertrude Wagner, an Austrian international referee, devised the Mitropa Cup. She wished to organize a championship for Central European teams, similar to what was done in football. Kurt Jungwirth, head of the Austrian Chess Federation from 1971 to 2017.


More Details:

In 1976, the inaugural Mitropa Cup was held in Innsbruck. Germany took first place in the first edition, ahead of Switzerland and Yugoslavia. Due to the epidemic, Switzerland held the 39th Mitropa Cup for the first time in a hybrid online version this year. The 40th Mitropa Cup will be hosted in France in 2022, and it is hoped that it will be feasible to play chess again.

The Erasmus+ project “CUPS,” which will be presented in June 2021, exemplifies how the MCA might collaborate in the future. If the proposal is approved, “Chess Unites and Encourages Skills” will make chess a mandatory subject in schools.

The emphasis is on the German “Bremen model,” in which professors and students learn chess together once a week. Chess may help children of all ages develop better focus, patience, and persistence, as well as a higher sense of creativity, intuition, memory, and analytical and decision-making abilities.

Furthermore, via the game, children and young people may acquire drive, motivation, and justice. Chess also encourages social inclusion. This includes students from migratory families as well as those who face socio-economic challenges.


The MCA’s statutes commit it to work more closely together and agree on similar principles. Chess is a sport, but it’s also a way to foster friendship, culture, and shared ideals like sportsmanship, gender equality, inclusivity, and social progress.


Day Horaire Information Open Women section
Day 1 – 29 April 15h00 Arrival Open Arrival Women
21h00 Technical meeting
Day 2 – 30 April 11h00 Additional technical meeting Round 1 Round 1
14h30 Opening Ceremony
Day 3 – 01 May All Day Corsican blitz tournament Round 2 Round 2
Day 4 – 02 May 15h00 Round 3 Round 3
Day 5 – 03 May 15h00 Round 4 Round 4
Day 6 – 04 May 15h00 Round 5 Round 5
Day 7 – 05 May 15h00 Round 6 Round 6
Day 8 – 06 May 15h00 Round 7 Round 7
Day 9 – 07 May 15h00 Round 8 Round 8
Day 10 – 08 May 10h00 Round 9 Round 9
15h30 Prize & closing ceremony

Prize Money

Everyone who has registered will get an invitation to the prize-giving event. This invitation comprises two people’s attendance at the gala dinner. The prize money and cups will not be distributed to the teams.

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