Milwaukee Bucks next new head coach odds and favorites candidates list for 2023-24

Milwaukee Bucks next new head coach odds and favorites candidates list for 2023-24

In a surprising development for many onlookers, though less unexpected for those familiar with the situation, the Milwaukee Bucks terminated the contract of head coach Adrian Griffin after just 43 games into his inaugural season, have a look at their new next coach odds

At the time of the decision, the Bucks boasted a 30-13 record, securing the second-best standing in the Eastern Conference.

Milwaukee Bucks next new head coach odds and favorites candidates names list for 2023-24

The decision appears to stem from a perceived difficulty in aligning strategies with star players, evident in a “professional” yet unmistakable level of frustration observed during certain timeouts.

This prompted Bucks management to proactively seek a seasoned coach capable of guiding the team to a second NBA championship within four seasons.

Bucks Next Head Coach’s Odds

Adam Thompson, a seasoned oddsmaker, has unveiled his NBA odds for the next permanent Bucks coach:

– Doc Rivers: +150 (Implied Probability: 40.0%)

– Terry Stotts: +250 (Implied Probability: 28.6%)

– Mike D’Antoni: +500 (Implied Probability: 16.7%)


– Kenny Atkinson: +950 (Implied Probability: 9.5%)

– Mike Budenholzer: +1000 (Implied Probability: 9.1%)

– Steve Nash: +1500 (Implied Probability: 6.3%)

– The Field: +950 (Implied Probability: 9.5%)


Despite the Bucks ranking second in NBA scoring, an improvement from the previous season under Mike Budenholzer, their defense has slipped to 25th place from 14th

Griffin’s perceived struggle to align with the team’s star players likely prompted the swift decision to part ways. “They want an accomplished veteran head coach who is available,” revealed ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski shortly after Griffin’s dismissal.

Favorites For Next Bucks’ Head Coach Position 

Doc Rivers, with an impressive coaching history and over 1,000 wins across 24 seasons, emerged as an immediate favorite for the position. Rivers, a Chicago native and Marquette alum, has experience guiding star players to success, making him a potential excellent fit for Giannis Antetokounmpo and now Damian Lillard.

The Bucks have the option to reconsider Mike Budenholzer, who led the team to an NBA title in 2020-21 but was let go after last season’s first-round playoff exit as the No. 1 seed.


Terry Stotts, a former Bucks assistant and Trail Blazers head coach, has strong ties to the team but resigned before the season began, reportedly due to a strained relationship with Griffin.

Mark D’Antoni, despite being 72, is considered one of the top offensive coaches in NBA history and currently serves as an advisor for the New Orleans Pelicans. Steve Nash, who guided the Brooklyn Nets to two winning seasons, was released seven games into the 2022-23 season.

Kenny Atkinson, the current assistant of the Warriors, may not align with the requirement for immediate availability but was the other finalist for the Bucks position before Griffin’s appointment.

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