Michael Jordan’s Son Jeffrey Jordan Arrested After Aggravated Assault Of Hospital Staff

Michael Jordan’s Son Jeffrey Jordan Arrested After Aggravated Assault Of Hospital Staff

The son of NBA bigwig, Michael Jordan, Jeffrey was arrested and later released after aggravated assault of hospital staff

Falling and hitting his head in a bar accident, Jeffrey Jordan was brought to the hospital to get treatment on his wounds. The son of Michael Jordan was escorted by the police and taken to the Scottsdale Hospital in a drunk state with the 33 year old said to be not cooperating with either the security or hospital officials.

Jeffrey Jordan Arrested After Becoming Combative Against Hospital Staff

Upon reaching the hospital, Jeffrey went onto lose his marbles with him going berserk inside the premises of the healthcare facility. The old basketball player who has played for the University of Illinois and University of Central Florida was said to have reportedly suffered from a concussion with him noted to be confused and disorientated after his fall.


Jeffrey went onto assault the medical team at the hospital, ensuing his misconduct and booked for one count of aggravated assault. He has since been released from the jail with no criminal charged being filed against him.

There is no official statement from either Michael Jordan or the family regarding the entire incident with Jordan most recently seen watching the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin. Jeffrey is also said to have swung wildly at the police in the bar after his accident proceeding which he had to be escorted out of the territory.


The report against Jeffrey was filed with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. There are no further updates on his health and head injury at the moment as well with further course of police action set to be determined in the time to come.


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