Mercenary Enrollment chapter 140 release date, time, manga Reddit spoilers, where to watch ep eng sub online

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 140 release date, time, manga Reddit spoilers, where to watch ep eng sub online

After a classic last chapter, fans can’t wait to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 140 as its release date is out now

At the outset of the most recent chapter, 002 reveals to the kidnapper that, while in hiding, he had been debating what to do. She compares him to a rat and finds it unbelievable that he would collaborate with the forest to take someone, prisoner.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 140 release date, time, spoilers, where to watch ep eng sub online


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 140 is all set to release on June 11, 2023, and can be read on Naver and Webtoon.

  • According To Indian Standard Time: 11th June, 7:30 pm
  • According To Central European Time: 11th June, 4 pm
  • According To Japan Standard Time: 11th June, 11 pm
  • According To Pacific Standard Time: 11th June, 4 pm
  • According To Australian Standard Time: 12th June, 12:30 am

What Exactly Happened in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139

The kidnapper expresses his hope that 001 hasn’t forgotten that his sister is currently out of the picture in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139. He tells 001 that if he really cares about his sister, he’ll murder these men and rescue him.


The kidnapper has promised to release his sister if he complies with his demands. The assailant becomes impatient with 001’s indecision and yells at him, warning that the captive would be killed if he does not respond soon.


However, one of 001’s former teammates claims that they are incapable of killing the hostage. There were three of them, he informs 001, and they clearly aren’t seasoned forest soldiers.

At this point, they reveal to 001 that they have succeeded in saving his sister. They told him that if he walks downstairs, he’ll find her in a black vehicle. This is how 002 justifies helping his sister by saying she was hiding out where they thought Mad Dog was.

Finally Safe


Later in the narrative, the Chief reveals that they went to the location Ijin described, but found no bodies there, only indications of gunfire and blood. They now suspect that the remains were moved intentionally. According to him, there appeared to have been a violent altercation. Chief tells the man that his sister and grandfather are well, with the exception of a cut inside his grandfather’s jaw and some bruises; he then asks whether the Ijin Family test results are in yet.

Where You Can Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 140

Only on Naver and Webtoon, you will be able to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 140.