Meet Sanskar Bachani Junior National Equestrian Championship endurance champion

Meet Sanskar Bachani Junior National Equestrian Championship endurance champion

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” says equestrian Sanskar Bachani

Sanskar Bachani, a student of Class 11th of Jaishree Periwal International School, has the courage to pursue his dreams and made them come true. He worked really hard for the Junior National Equestrian Championship and got coaching with 20 other students for a 40km endurance ride.

Meet Sanskar Bachani Junior National Equestrian Championship 2022 endurance champion

Held at the Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy, it was a three-day event from 12th February 2022 to 14th February 2022. Sanskar won two Gold Medals in total, one in the individual category and the other in the team category, thereby becoming Junior Champion in the discipline of endurance.

Also from India, he is the youngest rider to clear the 60 km endurance in 2022 ranking 6th in this category with his senior competitors. Well, it doesn’t stop here wherein in India when the children of his age were celebrating the main festival Diwali, he was under strenuous coaching in UAE for his event in Boutheib representing his nation on the international platform.

His journey and passion for riding at the age of 9 when he was just in class 4 in mayo college and it has been a long 8 years of his religious practice for his sport which for him is divine.


Sanskar’s achievements are not just limited to this championship but extends to a number of other such competitions, from where he has received many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in several categories. He has also been awarded with cash prizes but the child at this age doesn’t want to keep it to himself but wants to give back to the society with his community welfare deeds.

He is truly a performer who has achieved a lot with his dedication at this young age. Along with his efforts in Sports, he has also shaped his academic career very well. He has maintained a perfect balance between his studies and sports. Waking up at 4 AM in the morning, and taking up his studies first, followed by practice, helped him not only achieve 95% in his Board Examinations but also helped him bag Gold Medals in Equestrian Arena. He attended school regularly, which helped him to learn each subject’s insights deeply.

Currently, he is also the president of the WODE Foundation, a social organisation working for the underprivileged. He shows his deep gratitude towards the respected directors of his institution Mrs Jayshree Periwal, Mr Ayush Periwal and Mrs Aakriti Periwal and the respected teachers. “Special thanks to respected coaches captain Kalyan Singh ( Mayo) Captain Bhagirath and Bhanwar sir, Gulab sir, Sanjeev sir and Gaurav sir.”



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