McDonald’s BTS Meal Menu, Price, Merch, Is It Still Avaliable And Return News

McDonald’s BTS Meal Menu, Price, Merch, Is It Still Avaliable And Return News

The McDonald’s BTS meal is among the most popular meal in the world, know more about the McDonald’s BTS meal, its menu, price, and its availability in different countries here

The McDonald’s BTS Meals is the favorite dish of all the BTS followers. Well, it should be too, after all, the combination of rich sauce and delicious chicken is really hard to resist. Still, there are many fans who are not aware of this fantastic meal yet. If you are also following BTS and excited to know more about this BTS meal, then we have got you covered here.

McDonald’s BTS Meal Menu, Price, Merch, Is It Still Avaliable, Return News

As we all know, K-pop band BTS has joined with fast-food giant McDonald’s to create its own unique dish for supporters. BTS meals also contain the favorite food of all the members of BTS. This meal is also influenced by famous South Korean McDonald’s dishes.

What Is The McDonald’s BTS Meal?

McDonald’s BTS Meal is a wonderful and tasty set of snacks that is also available at a cheap price. This meal is loved by all the BTS fans and McDonald’s’ followers all over the world. The restaurant’s famous meal concept, which features a celebrity’s signature order, started in the United States in 2020.  Travis Scott was the first lucky person who ordered this delicious meal of BTS.


BTS Meal Menu And Price

This world-famous meal has a combination of many tasty snacks including French Fries. BTS Means Includes the following items:

  • Chicken McNuggets
  • A Medium Coco-Cola
  • Two Spicy Dipping Sauces
  • Medium French Fries

The price of BTS meals is different in different countries. In India, you can easily have this delicious BTS meal for Rs 300. If you are in America, then the meal with the cost you around $8.90


Availability Of BTS Meals In Countries

These popular BTS Meals were available for fans in almost 50 countries of the world. Among the names, the popular ones include the United States, India, Australia, Greece, UAE, and Mexico. After them, we have Israel, Ukraine, Hungary, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Oman. BTS Meals were also available now in the countries like Cyprus, Qatar, Hong Kong, Croatia, Costa Rica, Latvia, Brazil, and Canada. 

Fans have been demanding the return of the meal after McDonald’s asked users to comment on which meal they wanted to return on Twitter. Special merch was launched as well which was available here.


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