Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea payout compensation package details, salary and net worth

Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea payout compensation package details, salary and net worth

Have a look at the salary and payout of Mauricio Pochettino as he leaves Chelsea

After less than a year in command at Stamford Bridge, Pochettino has parted ways with mutual consent and will get benefits as his time as manager comes to an end.

Pochettino’s tenure as Chelsea boss has come to an end.

Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea payout compensation package details, contract, salary and net worth

According to The Telegraph, the former Spurs manager will receive a significant payout since he left Stamford Bridge before the end of his two-year contract. The 52-year-old was named Blues’ head coach in May 2023, but he was unable to start coaching the team until July since he was still with Paris Saint-Germain.

It was reported that Pochettino would be entitled to a package worth more than £10 million when he still had 18 months left on his contract. And this payout might have hampered Chelsea’s FFP and squad build for the next season.


While he will still get a payout, it will be lesser than if he was sacked from his position. The Blues have also parted ways with Pochettino’s coaching team; Jesus Perez, Miguel d’Agostino, Toni Jimenez and Sebastiano Pochettino, who could be involved in the compensation package whose details aren’t known yet.

Pochettino who had joined Chelsea on a two year deal back in May 2023 was being paid 10.4 million pounds annually in salary.

Pochettino earned a monthly salary of around $1.2 million at PSG in 2022 and was the 14th highest-paid manager in 2019, with an annual wage of $11.2 million at Tottenham Hotspur. Espanyol paid him around $1.98 million annually as of 2012 with his current net worth at $15 million.


How much will Pochettino get?

As both parties reached a mutual agreement, this decision seems more tangible to Chelsea if he were fired. In addition, Sebastiano Pochettino, Miguel d’Agostino, Toni Jimenez, and Jesus Perez, who may have been involved in a compensation deal, have left the Blues. When Chelsea fired Thomas Tuchel, they had to pay £10 million, and similarly, they owed Graham Potter £13 million when they fired him in April 2023. Along with their departure from the club, the staff members of both coaches also left, but Bruno Saltor stayed on for several months after Potter was fired.

Sporting Directors Laurence Stewart and Paul Winstanley made the following statement after Pochettino’s resignation was announced: “We would like to thank Mauricio for his service this season on behalf of everyone at Chelsea.” We wish him the best of luck with his future coaching endeavours and will always welcome him back to Stamford Bridge.”

Chelsea had a decent stint in the second half

The Blues had a rather good second half despite their lacklustre first-half performances in the season. The former PSG boss ended his Chelsea job with five straight league wins, which ensured a berth in the UEFA Europa League for the upcoming season. Chelsea also made it to the Carabao Cup final, where they lost to Liverpool 1-0, and the FA Cup semi-finals, where they lost to Manchester City 1-0.

The Todd Bohely-led club had invested a total of £747 million on new players in the 2022–2023 campaign, with Pochettino shelling out more than £400 million for players including Cole Palmer, Moises Caicedo, and Nicolas Jackson.