Matthew Benham Biography, Personal Life Story, Brentford Career, Investments, Net Worth

Matthew Benham Biography, Personal Life Story, Brentford Career, Investments, Net Worth

Brentford’s owner Matthew Benham has tried a lot to stay away from the limelight but his massive investments never made his escape possible, know his net worth

In the year 2012, Mathew decided to take over Brentford. At that time Brentford was going through major financial stress. Matthew Benham definitely is an incredible person when it comes to gambling, he has got a thorough knowledge of gambling.

Matthew Benham Biography And Personal Life Story

Matthew is a Professional Gambler and owner of the Football Club, Bretnford. Matthew Benham is a well-known private man. Benham is a very famous name among those who are in the football and analytics world. Matthew has done an outstanding job to make the air of mystery that is surrounded by both him and his reputation.

Dissimilar to most multi-millionaires, Matthew Benham prefers to stay away from the spotlight but that hasn’t stop Benham from making the unbelievable lavish and big investment. 

Matthew Benham Football Club Career With Brentford 

His career began by founding the English football club “Brentford” as well as the Danish football club, Midtjylland. Benham got all the funds to make these lavish investments by investing in the leading companies.


Matthew is a globally known owner and he established two leading and well-known companies that are based in the United Kingdom which are globally known. Mathew is an integral part of both Matchbook as well as Smartodds.

The company Matchbook is a very famous sport betting exchange community that is run by cutting-edge technology. If we talk about the Smartodds, the Smartodds offers research and sports modeling services to their clients. Both of the companies have been highly and widely considered as the gambling industries.


Matthew Benham’s Investments

Benham invested initially in matchbook quite mysteriously in the year 2012. Later on, he was declared as the owner for Brentford in 2012 only. He has spent 500,000 euros on this deal.

Matthew Benham Net Worth

However, with all his investments and earnings, Benham has been living a prosperous and wealthy lifestyle. The businesses made his name in the list of richest men too. While his exact net worth isn’t know till date, Benham’s net worth is said to be around $20 Million.


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