Marina Granovskaia Biography, Personal Life, Chelsea Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Salary

Marina Granovskaia Biography, Personal Life, Chelsea Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Salary

Know about Chelsea director, Marina Granovskaia, her life story, biography, stay at Chelsea, net worth, salary and social media platforms

Marina Granovskaia is considered globally as ‘The Iron Lady’ and is labeled as one of the popular club directors in the world of football. Marina Granovskaia is a Russian Canadian business executive who is presently serving as the director of Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea is an elite club and so is its director Marina. Marina apart from her work with Chelsea is known for her boss lady image.

Marina Granovskaia Biography, Life Story, Personal Life

Marina Granovskaia hails from Russia and she was born on 13 January in1975. Presently 46 years old, she is quite popular among Chelsea fans. Marina is in charge of brokering the team’s sponsorship deal with the brand Nike which fund around £60 million euros per year.

She studied in the Foreign Languages Faculty at the University Of Moscow State and graduated in the year 1997. In the year 2018, Forbes ranked her on the 5th Number in their “Most Powerful Women in International Sports” list. She has gone through a lot and made herself so great that she will never fall and will achieve more and more in her life. Marina is not so public as she has no accounts on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Marina Granovskaia Chelsea Professional Career

Marina Granovskaia has been working as the chief assistant of Roman Abramovich for more than ten years. Marina then signed up with Thiago Silva as a free transfer. She became the representative owner at the club in the year 2010 and then Marina Granovskaia got connected with the board of Chelsea FC in the year 2013.

She was afterward promoted to the chief executive of Chelsea in the year 2014. According to The Times, Marina Granovskaia’s promotion considered her as the “most powerful woman in football.” Her abilities and skills made her come up at this level and achieved such goals in her life.

Marina Granovskaia Net Worth And Instagram

Marina Granovskaia has an amazing net worth of $1.9 Billion with a salary of 2 million pounds. Her Instagram handle is @grano.vskaia.


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