Majid Freeman Claims Over 500 People Have Been Converted Into Islam In Qatar During The FIFA World Cup 2022

Majid Freeman Claims Over 500 People Have Been Converted Into Islam In Qatar During The FIFA World Cup 2022

Apparently, fans are travelling to Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 with the country deciding to convert them into Islam as well Majid Freeman

Majid Freeman, the Guardian’s self-described “good samaritan,” said in a tweet on November 22 that over 500 people had converted to Islam. Not to mention that Freeman was a “legitimate” voice during the Leicester unrest, in which Hindus were assaulted for weeks. He was charged with inciting violence and was repeatedly exposed for distributing false information.

Majid Freeman Claims Over 500 People Have Been Converted Into Islam In Qatar During The Ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022

What did Majid Freeman say?

“Allahu Akbar!” he said in the tweet. “Local daees in Qatar have told us that more than 500 people have converted to Islam. In addition, he posted a video purporting to show a Mexican fan converting to Islam. There are thousands of fans there from all around the world.”

Despite his statements, there were no media reports of anyone turning to Islam. Even the Guardian, which was accused of accepting his assertions at face value during the Leister violence, has not published any articles that back up his assertions.

It’s interesting to note that The Guardian was just crowned the “Most hijab-friendly media house” by the Nigerian news outlet Muslim News. The website conducted a survey to determine which media outlet was most supportive of the hijab. The Guardian received a whopping 75 votes and won the poll! This is the same website that named Rana Ayyub, who is accused of financial fraud, the “Global Muslim Media Person 2021.”

On the fringes of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Freeman is not the only one making such conversion claims. On the eve of the world cup in Qatar, 558 people have allegedly converted to Islam, according to a tweet from Twitter user Abu Siddiq. According to what he wrote, many Europeans will convert to Islam as a result of Shaykh Dr Zakir Naik and his team’s grand arrival in Qatar.


Who is Majid Freeman, and what are his alleged offences?

It is necessary to go back to 2013, when ISIS activity in Syria was at its height, to comprehend who Majid Freeman is. The “Aid for Syria” convoy, which included “humanitarian organisations” and “activists” travelling to Syria to aid individuals impacted by ISIS atrocities, was the subject of a BBC documentary broadcast in 2013. One Nation, Al Fatiha Global, and Aid4Syria were the charities that were part of the convoy, but the BBC at the time withheld their identities. Sam Westrop, an analyst and scholar, later disclosed their identities.


Majid Freeman and Alan Henning, another “help worker,” were in Syria in 2013 when the Funding For Syria charity was being exposed by numerous researchers for having a fundamentalist Islamist bias. Alan Henning was eventually kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS. According to claims, he was present when ISIS kidnapped Henning.

At the memorial service for Henning, Freeman spoke, praising Henning as a nobleman who stood up for others when the rest of the world turned a blind eye. However, a Telegraph investigation claims that Freeman began posting statements in favour of ISIS just two weeks after the beheading. In a Facebook post, he requested “dua” for British ISIS terrorist Ifthekar Jaman, who was accused of planning a terrorist attack in Syria. Additionally, he published a video in which he effectively argued that ISIS was a legitimate response to Western policy, adding, This brother nailed the nail on the head.

Majid has been seen supporting terrorists.

According to the Telegraph, Majid Freeman has referred to Al Qaeda terrorists as Shaheed, declared that Jihad will liberate Al Aqsa, and showed love and support for the Al Qaeda leader who encouraged terrorist attacks against non-Muslims. It’s interesting to note that the Telegraph piece also states that Freeman was questioned by the police over Aid4Syria, but he was not charged with any crimes.


On his Twitter and Facebook profiles, Majid has effectively urged European Muslims to “join the jihad in Syria” and has poured tributes to the late Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki; Sam Westrop provided this screenshot in his expose.


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