Mairimashita Iruma-Kun chapter 343 release date, time, spoilers and where to read online

Mairimashita Iruma-Kun chapter 343 release date, time, spoilers and where to read online

The fans are excited for Mairimashita Iruma-Kun chapter 343 whose release date is finally out now

Silvia is getting ready to look at the picture from the start of the last chapter. When the beam unfolded, the blind Silvia was terrified. Those who were waiting outside the tent were Sabro and Kalego. You can check out raw scans and spoilers on DemonSchoolIrumaKun Reddit community.

Mairimashita Iruma-Kun chapter 343 release date, time, leaks, spoilers and where to read online

Get ready for Mairimashita Iruma-Kun Chapter 343 which is all set to release on April 4, 2024, at 12 am JST.

  • According To Pacific Standard Time: April 3, 8:00 am
  • According To Central European Time: April 3, 5:00 pm
  • According To Indian Standard Time: April 3, 8:30 pm
  • According To Philippines Standard Time: April 3, 11:00 pm
  • According To Singapore Standard Time: April 3, 11:00 pm
  • According To Japanese Standard Time: April 4, 12:00 am

What Exactly Happened so far?

If they considered Silvia’s safety to be in danger, Kalego promised Iruma they would stop the procedure and make the Magic Tool Battler stop what they were doing.

Even though he thinks it’s dangerous, her parents have given her permission to do it, therefore she can, he says. The ad continues by explaining Sabro’s astonishment and his subsequent bow to his father. However, Sabro maintains his innocence and says he was simply planning to dispute, as they usually have.


Additionally, despite the other person’s advice to the contrary, Marnie is still anxious. She remembered the time they came back from Zeze’s house to gather herself.

She couldn’t help but express her envy at Zoui’s talent for channeling all of his wants into his art when Silvia wanted to know her thoughts on Zoui’s speech. Silvia wishes she could experience the same joy that Zoui does.


Silvia sprinted out of the tent as soon as she heard a scream. The only thing she could muster in response to everyone’s concerns was how incredible it felt to meet Garuna’s eye. She was so overjoyed that she pleaded for an additional shot.

The sight of this served as a catalyst for Marnie, and she went on to create her masterpiece. Silvia is intent solely on drawing at the moment.


Where You Can Read Mairimashita Iruma-Kun Chapter 343

Only on Akuta Shonen and Kodansha, you can read Mairimashita Iruma-Kun Chapter 343.


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