Luis Suarez Inter Miami salary details, contract and net worth in 2023

Luis Suarez Inter Miami salary details, contract and net worth in 2023

According to MLS regulations, Luis Suarez will have to accept a wage reduction in order to play for Inter Miami with former colleagues Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba with his salary and contract details out

If Luis Suarez wants to play with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami, he could have to accept a hefty wage drop. The MLS Designated Player rule may make things more difficult for the former FC Barcelona striker, who has been linked to a move there.

Luis Suarez Inter Miami salary details, contract and net worth 2023

According to ESPN, the agreement between Suarez and Inter Miami is definitive, and the only thing missing is the signing of the contract, which in principle will be for one year, with the option to renew it for the whole year 2025.

Suarez to join Inter Miami for the 2024 MLS season

It has long been speculated that Inter Miami is interested in signing Suarez for the 2024 MLS season. The 38-year-old, who plays for Gremio in Brazil, would remain with his present team until the end of the season before deciding to apply to Major League Soccer.


Suarez would reunite with Messi as well as former Barcelona teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. Under David Beckham’s direction, the three players arrived during the 2023 transfer window, drastically altering the club’s course.

MLS teams are permitted to sign up to three players who would normally exceed their pay ceiling under the Designated Player Rule, also referred to as the Beckham Rule. As a result, they could be able to pay a transfer fee or offer greater compensation for their services.

Messi, Busquets, and Gregore are the three designated players presently holding down their positions at Inter Miami. Leo Campana was first named as a designated player before Messi and Busquets’ arrival, but this designation was later modified. Rodolfo Pizarro was also named as a DP, however both parties later decided to end their agreement.

In June, Inter Miami added another foreign player to their roster. In exchange for the space, they paid $150,000 (£121k) in 2023 General Allocation Money to San Jose Earthquakes in the Western Conference. This deal does not translate into a DP position free of the salary cap; rather, it is meant to clear the path for Suarez’s signing.


Suarez will be a free agent at the end of December

According to Spotrac, Messi’s basic wage for the current season was £9.69 million, Busquets’ was £1.12 million, and Gregore’s was $585k. Conversely, Suarez is said to have made £3.71 million. The league usually sets a maximum salary of £1.33 million for non-designated players but Suarez’s salary at Inter Miami isn’t known yet.

Suarez disclosed that Gremio had decided to end his contract one year ahead of schedule due to his failure to live up to the expectations of the top flight in Brazil. He will be a free agent in December as a result of this choice.

Suarez said in June that the Brazilian team’s unwillingness to allow him to go may make a transfer to Inter Miami impractical. Suarez was prepared to give up approximately £8 million in earnings to make his exit possible. According to sources, Gremio is also looking for guarantees that the Uruguayan player won’t represent any other team in 2023.

Recently, Suarez underwent a knee ailment

Due to a persistent knee ailment, the striker also expressed doubt about his ability to play professional football in the future. After evaluating the striker’s knee condition, three Gremio club physicians concluded that he had to play through the discomfort. The team is currently looking for a replacement for the striker.

Suarez has restated his claim that he hasn’t had any talks about a possible transfer with Inter Miami. If Suarez is permitted to leave Gremio, Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas has stated that he intends to talk with him about potentially joining the squad. Suarez currently has a net worth of $70 million.