Low Roar Singer Ryan Karazija Cause Of Death, Obituary, Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Songs List, News

Low Roar Singer Ryan Karazija Cause Of Death, Obituary, Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Songs List, News

Low Roar singer and Death Stranding collaborator Ryan Karazija died at the young age of 40 years, know his wife and biography

Ryan Karazija’s death news got confirmed via the band’s social media pages and The Death Stranding community including creator Hideo Kojima.

Low Roar Singer Ryan Karazija Cause Of Death, Obituary, Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Songs List, News, Twitter

His friends offered their tributes and condolences to the late vocalist after his demise. Ryan Karazija hailed from California and in 2010 he decided to move to Reykjavik. Ryan’s death cause is not known.


Ryan Karazija Popular Songs

  1. Easy Way Out
  2. I’m Leaving
  3. Don’t Be So Serious
  4. Bones
  5. Anything You Need
  6. Half Asleep
  7. Gosia
  8. Breathe In

Ryan Karazija Professional Career And Death

The award-winning Death Stranding was appreciated for its interesting story and atmospheric world, and also for its amazing and unique gameplay paired with an equally immersive soundtrack. The Low Roar’s “I’ll Keep Coming” played in one of the first trailers featuring lead character Sam. Their other track was “Don’t Be So Serious” which was one of the first tracks players would hear during the game’s opening scene.

As per Low Roar’s social media upload the band paid condolences to Karazija calling him the driving force behind Low Roar. They attributed him for his great music and lyrics that touched the lives of several people as well as their distinct sound thanks to his haunting voice. Low Roar stated that they recorded their sixth studio album which was Karazija’s last project and it will be released when it is ready. Death Stranding creator Kojima also told his feelings and his shock over Karazija’s sudden passing stating that the game would not have been finished without Low Roar’s music.

Voice actor Tommie Earl Jenkins who has played Die Hard-man in Death Stranding also paid condolences and tributes with a lot of respects to Karazija. He stated in a tweet, ‘Low Roar made a great impact on the community when their music played in Death Stranding’.


Low Roar fans have also shared their flashback and most favorite moments from Karazija including all the clips from Death Stranding and the singer’s early morning Instagram Lives. It’s clear that Kojima picked the right band whom he has discovered while shopping in Reykjavik, to be part of Death Stranding’s soundtrack along with other famous artists such as CHVRCHES, Silent Poets, and Bring Me The Horizon.

In light of recent rumors that Kojima’s making a Death Stranding sequel it is really unclear whether the renowned video game creator made a collab with the Low Roar again for his project which is on the way. Whether the sequel is happening or not but it’s possible that Kojima would find a way to pay tribute to Karazija in some way through his games. There is no information on his family and wife.


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