Lovely Runner Kdrama season 2 release date update and where to watch online

Lovely Runner Kdrama season 2 release date update and where to watch online

Lovely Runner is halfway through its first season so the viewers of the recent Korean drama are curious to know about the release date of season 2

Since its premiere in early April, the Lovely Runner K-drama has swiftly gained popularity because to its unique combination of coming-of-age romance and time travel narratives. Fans are enthralled with the developing romance but there’s also a mystery involved.

The protagonists of the tale are Im Sol and Sun-jae, her idol of choice. However, she is granted the opportunity to go back in time and save Sun-jae as he commits suicide. Im Sol quickly discovers that they were meant to meet and that they weren’t strangers.

Lovely Runner season 2 release date update and where to watch online

The plot of Lovely Runner has undergone numerous twists and detours before reaching its climax. The conclusion will show whether Im Sol and Sun-jae have a happy ever after or not. Im Sol must do everything in her power to avoid fate.

Here are all the details we currently know about the release date and schedule for Lovely Runner Season 2.


A release date for Lovely Runner season 2 is unknown but it will probably revealed soon by the makers, if the show is renewing.

Before deciding whether to renew Lovely Runner for a second season, TVN, the Korean network that produced the show, probably wants to wait until all of the first season’s episodes are available.

This is most likely because the network is waiting to commit to producing a Lovely Runner season 2 until they have all the data regarding the first season’s interest, ratings, and viewership.


There have been no updates from Lovely Runner’s creators regarding the status of a second season as of now.

A Lovely Runner Season 2 is very unlikely to occur. This is due to the fact that, with a few notable exceptions like Welcome to Waikiki and Love Alarm, the majority of Korean dramas have only one planned season, consisting of 16 or 17 long episodes that convey the tale of the entire show.


Therefore, it remains to be seen if Lovely Runner will break the mould like Welcome to Waikiki or Love Alarm.

Lovely Runner cast

Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee, Lee Seung-hyub, Jung Young-ju, Song Ji-ho, Seo Hye-won, and Kim Won-hae are among the cast members of Lovely Runner. The creator of the series is Kim Bbang.

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