“Love Ya Ma Bye”, Ja Morant hints at retirement in series of disturbing messages on Instagram story

“Love Ya Ma Bye”, Ja Morant hints at retirement in series of disturbing messages on Instagram story

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant posted a series of disturbing and cryptic messages on his Instagram story, which he has now removed prompting worry from his fans, his team and the NBA with them alluding towards retirement

Sources claim Ja Morant could be hinting at his future plans while some fans are worried for his mental and physical state of being.

Ja Morant hints at retirement in series of disturbing messages on Instagram story

Morant is under suspension by his team after getting involved in yet another gun scandal.


Ja Morant shares a series of mysterious Instagram stories

Rising NBA star Ja Morant shared a series of mysterious Instagram stories a few hours ago. The messages, which showed love to his mother, his father, and his daughter are now all deleted. The messages have prompted many fans to worry about the player’s state of being.

The series of stories read:


Love Ya Ma, Love Ya Paps, You Da Greatest Babygirl…”

Morant ended the series with a final story which simply reads ‘bye,’ with the picture of an NBA microphone in front of him.

Meaning behind the messages

As of now, the meaning behind those cryptic messages are still unclear and there is no concrete information on what Ja is going through right now. There have been varied speculations on the last message with some suggesting retirement from the NBA or social media. Meanwhile, some have stated that it could simply be his way to close the posts or something more serious.

A tough few weeks

Ja Morant has had a troublesome few weeks after recently going under fire in recent weeks for flashing a gun on Instagram Live for the second time in two months. Although the player faced punishment for that behavior and vowed to do better, he repeated the act.


Moreover, Morant failed to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to the NBA Finals this season. He even made it clear that he would act better on and off the court. However, just a couple of weeks later, he got involved in another controversial moment. As of now, it is still unclear what is really going on with Morant right now.

The Memphis Grizzlies suspend Ja Morant after yet another gun scandal

Just recently, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant from all team activities. The action came while still waiting for the NBA to make their final decisions on this situation. Morant recently shared a statement where he apologized for this incident. However, since this is a repeated offence, the trust he previously earned after the first scandal has faded. Despite all the controversies, Ja still remains one of the best young players in the NBA, and losing him would be terrible for the competition.

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