List Of The Top 10 Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers And Their Salary 2021

List Of The Top 10 Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers And Their Salary 2021

Ever since its inception AEW (All Elite Wrestling) has successfully climbed through the ranks. Here are the top 10 highest paid AEW wrestlers of 2021

Within just two years, AEW has become a household name and morphed into WWE’s biggest competitor. Many superstars have switched to the new promotion attracted to the versatility it offers in terms of higher pay, lighter schedule, more freedom and better storylines. WWE only provides the top-tier wrestlers, veterans, and main eventers with fully-catered travel and accommodation packages. However, AEW wrestlers receive these perks irrespective of the role or tier.

Top 10 Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers, Net Worth And Salary 2021 

10. PAC ($2 Million)

Formerly known as Neville, PAC previously wrestled in WWE NXT, where he won the NXT tag team championship twice and WWE Cruiserweight Championship twice. Pac competed for WWE from 2012 to 2018. His net worth stands at $750 thousand and he’s currently paid $2 million.

9. Young Bucks ($2 million)

Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Johnson) are the flagship tag team of AEW. They also work as Executive Vice Presidents of the new promotion, with a net worth of $1 million each and salary of $2 million.

8. The Lucha Brothers ($2 Million)

The Lucha Brothers Pentagón Jr. and Fénix have been tag team champions for several promotions like MLW, Impact Wrestling, PWG, and AAA. An important part of the tag team division, they have a salary of $2 million.


7. Nyla Rose ($2 Million)

Nyla Rose is the first transgender woman to win a world title in a major American wrestling promotion, becoming the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion. She is paid a salary of $2 million and has a net worth of $5 million.

6. Dustin Rhodes ($2 Million)

Dustin Rhodes, previously known as Goldust, not only works as a wrestler but also a coach at AEW. He started working for the promotion with brother Cody Rhodes and has won over 15 championships in WWE. With almost three decades in the business, he’s paid $2 million with a net worth of $3 million.

5. Brandi Rhodes ($2 Million)

Brandi Rhodes has played a major role in the creation of AEW, being a huge motivation for her husband Cody. She works both as an in-ring performer and AEW’s Chief Brand Officer with a salary $3 million and net worth of $1 million which is very likely to escalate.

4. Cody Rhodes ($3 Million)


As the executive vice president of AEW, Cody Rhodes has experienced 14 years of pro-wrestling with eight championships in between, to become the lead booker in a top promotion. His net worth stands at an impressive $4 million with an equally high pay of $3 million.

3.Kenny Omega ($3 Million)

Kenny Omega’s pro-wrestling is renowned globally despite never having been a part of WWE. He is AEW’s executive vice president along with Cody Rhodes and the current AEW Tag Team Champion with Hangman Adam Page. Though his net worth stands at $800 thousand, he’s paid a massive amount of $3 million.

2. Chris Jericho ($3 Million)

You must be be living under a stone if you’ve never heard about Y2J. Having one of the most elite performers in the business must be a huge flex for AEW over WWE. He’s built a net worth of $18 million during his career, also being part of the band Fozzy and podcast Talk is Jericho. AEW pays him $3 million.

1. Jon Moxley ($6 Million)

If having Jericho is a flex for AEW, then having WWE’s Dean Ambrose over as Jon Moxley is a straight-up middle finger. Moxley is the reigning AEW World Champion with a net worth of $6.1 million. Unlike the low pay $2.2 million he got during his time with WWE, AEW pays him a good amount of $6 million.


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