List Of The Most Expensive And Luxurious Car Collection Owned By Neymar

List Of The Most Expensive And Luxurious Car Collection Owned By Neymar

In fact, Neymar car collection is the most trending gossip topic among all football fans these days owing to him owing some of the most expensive cars

The super talented and hot football player Neymar da Silva Santos from Brazil has not attained popularity because of his game only.

Brazilian star player Neymar plays for the Paris Saint-German as a forward. Neymar’s car collection is quite dreamy as it has got the best from almost all brands; his fans are present across the globe. He was born in 1992 and within a span of fewer than 30 years, his achievements are quite massive.

Neymar Most Expensive And Luxurious Car Collection

1. Lamborghini Veneno

Price: 45 Crore

Lamborghini Veneno is the most loved car of Neymar Santos. This 2 door beauty is not less than a bull as it is capable of 256 km/hr. The footballer often poses with this car on his social media.

2. Lykan Hypersport

Price: 26 Crore


Lukan Hypersoft is definitely a pricey one as it cost around 26 Crores. Lykan is manufactured by a Lebanese brand with a powerful 3.7-liter engine and a top speed of 295 km/hr.

3. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Price: 35 Crore

This expensive CCXR was bought by a Brazilian player some time back. This one is a Sweden-made car with completely lavish interiors. Only limited people own this beauty in the world, Neymar is one of the lucky ones.

4. Maserati Mc12

Price: 2.69 Crore

There were only 50 cars of the Mc12 model manufactured by Maserati, Neymar Santos is one among those 50 people. The best thing about this car is its pickup, it can go from 0-100 in a minimum of only 0.3 seconds.


5. Audi R8 Spyder

Price: 2.72 Crore

Audi R8 Spyder was bought by the footballer in the year 2012 when he became a part of the Barcelona club. The high-tech transmission of this car can steal anyone’s heart.

6. Mercedes AMG

Price: 2.64 Crore

Mercedes AMG can be considered as the most driven car by Neymar. This white-colored luxury car is seen driven by Neymar on his training sessions generally.


7. Ferrari 458 Italia

Price: 4.34 Crore

Who doesn’t like Ferrari 458 Italia? This 2 door beauty has fans across the globe. It comes with a powerful 8-speed gearbox engine.

8. Aston Martin Vulcan

Price: 3.82 Crore

The Aston Martin is regarded to be the most profligate car owned by Santos. The fuel tank of this car has a massive capacity of 7 liters and it can give you a maximum of 360 km/hr.

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