List Of The Most Controversial MMA Fighters And Decisions

List Of The Most Controversial MMA Fighters And Decisions

In a sport like MMA having a good opportunity is more than enough to mark a victory. However, the most controversial MMA fighters and decisions refuse to follow this logic

Each inch accounts for your success in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Initially, this sport had no hard rules so the players had full freedom to use false methods. Today a number of restrictions have been implied in the sport which has restricted the occurrence of false practices but still, scandals in MMA do occur.

Most Controversial MMA Fighters And Decisions

1. Suspension of Nick Diaz

Nick got suspended from the game because of taking a high amount of Marijuana. His suspension was five years long and he faced a lot of defamation for the same in the MMA world. After this act, Nick fans broke out on the MMA commission.

2. Mark Upset on UFC

Mark has been a part of the MMA for more than 17 years. This fighter was seen upset with UFC regarding the extensive use of steroids by the players. He states that most of his opponents are into drugs and steroids.

3. Fitch Fired

Jon Fitch was fired by UFC for some shady reasons that were not announced officially to the world. Although Fitch was ranked on the ninth number still this firing incident took place. Many assumptions were made regarding the same, out of which one states that the white people think Fitch is quite boring.

4. Pay of Fighters

The UFC management has been quite criticized for the pay of the fighters. Nick was the fighter who took this matter seriously and warned UFC regarding the same. However, his demands were not fulfilled by the commission but still, this led to a lot of questioning on the commission.

5. Tumor of Leslie

Leslie Smith despite having a stomach tumor kept fighting because her income was quite low. She was not in a condition to bear the expenses of a tumor surgery as the UFC didn’t have her health covered in any insurance. Later on, after the media coverage of the tumor, the money was sponsored by the UFC.


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