Lauren Sanchez plastic surgery explained as young before and after photos go viral

Lauren Sanchez plastic surgery explained as young before and after photos go viral

American billionaire Jeff Bezos and news anchor Lauren Sanchez recently got engaged with her young photos and current alleged plastic surgery pictures viral

Sanchez was spotted with a heart-shaped 20-carat diamond ring on her ring finger in France while attending the Cannes Film Festival. 

Lauren Sanchez plastic surgery explained as young before and after photos go viral on Twitter

As the news of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez goes viral, people are getting curious about Sanchez’s plastic surgery. The Emmy-winner journalist underwent plastic surgery and her then and now photos are going viral on the internet. According to her recent photos, people speculate she had br**st implants, chick and lip fillers.

Lauren Sanchez Career And Fame

Lauren has worked in the media extensively since the late 1990s and gained a lot of attention due to her beauty. She was an entertainment reporter for Extra before anchoring Los Angeles’ UPN 13 News for KCOP-TV in 1999. The media personality was then hired by the local FOX news affiliate, KTTV, as an entertainment journalist.

Sanchez has never stated that she underwent surgery. However, rumours assert that she has had numerous operations over the years, including breast implants in addition to cheek and lip fillers.

According to a report published in March 2023, several cosmetic surgery experts can be seen debating Lauren’s alleged plastic surgeries.


Doctors Confirm The Newswomen Plastic Surgery

According to Dr Konstantin, “Lauren might have had a facelift.” A well-known doctor, Dr Ramtin Kassir, has voiced a similar opinion. Additionally, he cited Lauren’s apparent “attached earlobe” as proof of the procedure. 

Dr Konstantin Vasyukevich says that facelifts are commonly performed to “prevent the sagging of the facial tissue and maintain youthful neck contour,” and he thinks the former newswoman has had one.


The company’s original injector, Pamela Weinberger, also believes the 53-year-old has reportedly used lip fillers. Lauren was contacted by several media sites for comment regarding the aforementioned rumours, but they never received a response.

However, Sanchez denies all allegations of going under the knife. Check out the link below for Lauren Sanchez’s transition over the last few years. 


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