KSI vs Speed boxing fight match schedule, date, time, venue and live stream telecast

KSI vs Speed boxing fight match schedule, date, time, venue and live stream telecast

The date and venue for the KSI vs Speed boxing match are out

Jake Paul will be upset that KSI and IShowSpeed have decided to spar for charity on December 15.

KSI vs Speed boxing fight match schedule, date, time, venue, tickets

On December 15, KSI and Speed will engage in a sparring match; all revenues will benefit charitable organizations. Following his criticism of another influencer, the American YouTuber Speed promised to defeat the British celebrity.

Fans can tune into KSI vs IShowSpeed on IShowSpeed’s official YouTube channel for free and fans can send donations toward the match — all of which will be given to the Anthony Walker Foundation, a charity that aims to tackle racism by “providing educational opportunities, victim support services and by promoting equity and inclusion for all.”

The fight will be streamed at 4 AM GMT / 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT.


Why KSI and IShowSpeed fight might infuriate Jake Paul?

The fact that they have decided to square up in the ring is not good news for Paul’s bout with Andre August, as Paul vs. August and KSI vs. Speed will happen at the same time.

The spar, which is anticipated to be a ring-walk for Paul against August, will take place on a live feed on YouTube at 4 a.m. (UK time). Paul, who recently defeated former UFC star Nate Diaz, decided to take on a boxer in his upcoming battle after taking on other former mixed martial artists. However, Paul vs. August tickets are selling quickly, which is bad news for attendance numbers.

It will now face off against KSI vs. Speed, which might deal a further blow to the competition. Since the two have had verbal exchanges throughout the years, KSI purposefully chose to spar Speed during Paul’s upcoming battle. Though it hasn’t happened yet, KSI and Paul have been talked about facing off.


IShowSpeed vs. KSI: Date, time, and Streaming

KSI, one of the most active influencer-boxers on the internet, got things started in 2018 with his fights against Logan Paul and Joe Weller. Since then, he has sparred with several notable fighters, including internet sensation FaZe Temperrr, British rapper Swarmz, and even Tommy Fury, who handed KSI his first-ever defeat in October.

Following his unsuccessful challenge to the outcome of his fight with Fury, KSI consented to fight the extremely well-liked YouTuber IShowSpeed, provided that their battle coincided with rival YouTuber Jake Paul’s scheduled matchup with seasoned pro boxer Andre August.

  • Date: Friday, December 15
  • Stream: Supporters can watch KSI vs. IShowSpeed for free on IShowSpeed’s official YouTube account.
  • Time: 4 AM GMT, 11 PM ET, and 8 PM PT over the internet.

The Anthony Walker Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to combat racism by “providing educational opportunities, victim support services, and by promoting equity and inclusion for all.” It appears that fans can make donations for the match.

Is the boxing battle between IShowSpeed and KSI authorized?

No, the boxing bout between KSI and IShowSpeed is not recognized by the authorities. Rather, these two influencers are just slugging it out for charity. However, it doesn’t mean that fans aren’t anticipating seeing these online superstars square off in the ring.