KSI vs Alex Wassabi Schedule, Date, Time, Full Fight Card, Tickets, Venue, Live Stream

KSI vs Alex Wassabi Schedule, Date, Time, Full Fight Card, Tickets, Venue, Live Stream

KSI has announced his return to the ring and after his return he will fight vs Alex Wassabi on August 27th, know its date, time, tickets and card

The Internet Celebrity shared this news himself on his social media handle.

KSI vs Alex Wassabi Schedule, Date, Time, Full Fight Card, Tickets, Venue And Live Stream

He took to his Instagram and shared a photo of the fight. His post reveals that the match between the two stars will be held on 27th August at London’s O2 Arena.

He captioned his post as, “I can’t wait to repeatedly punch the man I’ve had beef with for years, the man I’ve laughed at for years, the man that beat my brother this year”.

The co-founder of the Sidemen further continued to say that his fellow YouTuber “has essentially signed his death”. He also shared a story on Instagram with the same photo. Since he posted, his post has received more than 1,030,300 likes. 

How Did Alex React?

Alex also took to his Instgram to share his response. He also posted the same photograph with different caption.

He wrote in his post as, “One brother couldn’t give me the challenge I crave. Let’s see if big bro has what it takes. August 27th big deji will regret stepping into my weight class.”

How to get tickets of their Match?

Although the Ticket Prices aren’t revealed yet. But the date of the sale are already announced. The tickets of the match between two Youtubers (KSI vs Alex Wassabi) will go on sale on Thursday, July 7th at 9:30 A.M. and if you’re alreday an O2 customer then you will be able to access the priority presale. 

How to access the O2 priority presale?

To access the priority presale of O2, the users have to check the O2 website and sign in to their account and then sign up for the tickets. Users can also sign up for the presale through Misfits Boxing by entering their name and e-mail I’d.

If any user doesn’t manage to get the tickets on presale, they don’t have to panic, they can book their tickets on Sale day that is 9th July at 10 A.M.

These General tickets will be available on AXS, but the AXS hasn’t provided any specific details on the pricing either.


Although they have given details related to Normal tickets and Premium Seating that can be exclusively available for the American Express Customers.

What if anyone didn’t manage to get tickets?

If anyone doesn’t get to manage the tickets, they don’t have to panic because they can watch the whole event on DAZN, which is a streaming platform for sports events.

Although this platform also hasn’t revealed any information on how exactly to watch the event but they have said that it is a pay-per-view service. So if anyone wants to watch the Match between KSI and Alex Wassabi they have to pay a sum of money.

The fight between the two YouTubers will be held on 27th August at O2 Arena in London and the doors of the Arena will be opened at 6:30 P.M. Before the main event, there are also a few fights expected to take place at around 10:00 P.M.


According to a statement of O2, “Rest of the evening will feature additional matchups between other superstars”.

The other two matches would be Faze Temperrr vs Blueface and Deji vs Fousey as all of them happen to have experience fighting.

Meanwhile, Blueface had a fight with Kane Trujillo, and the rapper won against the TikTok star. Lastly, Deji and Fousey have fought in the past but both of them did not manage to bag a win.

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