Know Who Is Reporter Vivian Kent In Netflix Show Inventing Anna, The Real Life Story Of Jessica Pressler, Article And Biography

Know Who Is Reporter Vivian Kent In Netflix Show Inventing Anna, The Real Life Story Of Jessica Pressler, Article And Biography

Inventing Anna is an American drama mini-series that is popular on the OTT platform Netflix, know who the real life story of reporter Vivian Kent

The character of Vivian Kent in Inventing Anna is played by an actress named Anna Chlumpsy. In real life, Jessica Pressler was a journalist.

What Is Inventing Anna Show On Netflix And Story

Inventing Anna is a popular and new series that is premiered on Netflix and numerous viewers are excited for watching the series. Especially the people who know the young New York City socialite Mrs. Anna Delvey are excited the most for it. The series is having an amazing star cast to portray the main roles in this series. Several people have already started watching this series and now looking forward to the end.

Is Vivian Kent In Inventing Anna Based on A Real Journalist, What Is Her Life Story, Article And Biography

A Netflix series, Inventing Anna depicts the pied story of Mrs. Anna Delvey. She is a young New York City socialite who walks side by side with a few of the richest men in her city for pretending to be a German heiress with a massive trust fund.

However, later on, her story starts to get solved and Anna was arrested for leaving the string of large unpaid bills. In the series, Inventing Anna features a journalist who is named Vivian Kent and gets to know about Anna and gets attracted by the story. Vivian Kent introduces a compelling and authentic picture of a journalist.


Where is Reporter Jessica Pressler Now?

It is true that the character of the journalist in Inventing Anna is truly based on the real-life of a journalist, her name is Jessica Pressler. Jessica Pressler wrote a very detailed piece on the real Anna Sorokin in the year 2018. That article was published through a Magazine of New York and was titled How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s rich People. 

Jessica Pressler was a New York-based reporter, who broke the story of Anna Delvey’s exploits in a 2018 The Cut peice titled, ‘Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It’. An investigative journalist, Pressler is known for exposing cases involving money, opulence and scandal.

A job offer was made to the writer by Bloomsberg but was retracted after a story she had written on a highschool student became nullified. It was revealed that the alleged claims the student had made which involved him making $72 million trading stocks were untrue. She wrote the article ‘The Hustlers at Scores’, a story which inspired the Hustlers, a 2019 comedy-drama which had Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu.


Jessica Pressler is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and worked for Philadelphia magazine and Philadelphia Weekly and has been featured in several editions of Columbia Journalism School’s anthologies of Best Business Writing.

That article was quickly seen by the showrunner Shonda Rimes and Netflix. After which they decide to bring Anna’s story to the screens by remaking a new story through an online Netflix.

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