Know Who Is Parvana Irani Aka Pispy, Was She The Wife Of Homi J (Jehangir) Bhabha, Real Name

Know Who Is Parvana Irani Aka Pispy, Was She The Wife Of Homi J (Jehangir) Bhabha, Real Name

In the new show Rocket Boys that is being featured on Sony Liv these days, the character of Parvana Irani is grabbing a lot of limelight owing to the relation with Homi J Bhabha

Parvana Irani is like a partially fictional character. Parvana’s characterization and the whole storyline is created to have the influence of fiction in the show Rocket Boys. The character is mainly and highly inspired by Phiroza who is nicknamed “Pipsy” Wadia. Pipsy was considered Bhabha’s close friend.

Who is Parvana Irani (Pipsy) In Rocket Boys Sony LIV Series, Relation With Homi J Bhabha, Real Name

Homi J Bhabha and Pipsy (Parvana Irani) together made a unique couple that challenged the moral notions of their times. Their companionship and togetherness were often questioned due to the lack of marital commitment between the two. During those days companionship without marital status was not accepted. 

Homi J Bhabha who died under mysterious circumstances in a plane crash carried out by the CIA was unmarried and had no wife.

Pipsy who is now named Parvana Irani was having a very significant presence in Bhabha’s institution that is Tata Institute of the Fundamental Research (TIFR) as well. Pipsy used to get involved in a number of events that happened in the institute as well as a personal capacity and was the vice-president of the club talents.


She was also involved in many of the TIRF initiatives which had renowned scientists including M. G. K. Menon. Pipsy was one of the patrons of the art during her age in the city of Bombay and played a very crucial role in TIRF’s art collection.

Is Pipsy (Parvana Irani) Dead or Alive?

Phiroza “Pipsy” Wadia died nearly in the 1980s. After the death of Bhabha in the year 1966, Pipsy was in charge of Bhabha’s numerous personal and professional papers. Later the scientist’s brother Jamshed forcibly collected all of them from her.

But According to Coomi Kapoor’s ‘The Emergency: A Personal History,’ Pipsy was a very fearless person and she resisted the police officers during the emergency, done by Indira Gandhi.

Moreover, the relationship of Pipsy Aka Parvana Irani with Bhabha is a pivotal part of the scientist’s life as their story together is an amazing chapter of his legacy. Although, the show ‘Rocket Boys’ offers a great take in their relationship, even though it is having many traces and details of fiction for narrative purposes.


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