Know About The E-Auction Of The Equipment Gifted To PM Modi, The Price Of The Javelin Of Neeraj Chopra

Know About The E-Auction Of The Equipment Gifted To PM Modi, The Price Of The Javelin Of Neeraj Chopra

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the people of India to participate in the auction organized by the Ministry of Culture, know the website and price of Neeraj Chopra javelin

The government has set an e-auction of the sports equipment gifted to PM Modi by Olympians and Paralympians who participated in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020. The earnings received from the auction will be used for the ‘Namami Gange Mission’ which talks about the conservation and revival of the River Ganga.

Over the long run, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets a few presents and souvenirs, which PM has sold to raise money for various undertakings. PM Modi has been selling such gifts and mementoes since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Why Was This Year’s Auction Special?

The third version of the sale that went live on September 17 is more exceptional than any other time in recent memory as it incorporates the gifts introduced to the Prime Minister by Olympians and Paralympians. The Olympians and Paralympians who had won medals in Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Paralympics 2020 had gifted different equipment to the PM, which is present at the auction. The returns gathered from the closeout would go to the Namami Gange drive.

While describing the auction, Prime Minister Modi expressed, “After some time, I have gotten a few presents which are being auctioned. This incorporates the extraordinary mementoes given by our Olympic legends. Do partake in the closeout. The returns would go to the Namami Gange drive.”

Notably, PM Modi had asked Javelin athlete Neeraj Chopra  whether he approved of including the Javelin for the auction as Neeraj had gifted it to the PM. When Modi was Gujarat CM, he had raised Rs 89.96 crore by selling gifts he had gotten and given the returns to the Kanya Kelavani Fund, a program for the education of girls.


What Are The Gifts Up For Auction And The Price Of The Javelin Belonging To Neeraj Chopra

The closeout is live from September 17 to October 7, 2021. The individuals who need to attempt in the auction can enlist on A sum of 1330 souvenirs, including athletic equipment and gear gifted to PM by the winners and athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Several artifacts like the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Chardham, Rudraksha Convention Center, models, figures, works of art, angavastras, among others, are present.

Base Price Of Neeraj Chopra and Sumit Antils’ Javelins

According to the official statement given by the Minister of Culture, the javelin utilized by gold medalist Sumit Antil in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and by Neeraj Chopra in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are list at Rs.1 crore each as the base cost. Different things gifted by Olympians are additionally being sold with a base cost of Rs.1 crore each, nonetheless, the bid costs for them have ascended to Rs.10 crore now.

Gift By Other Olympians And Paralympians

A portion of the things accessible for offering incorporate Table Tennis racket signed by Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Silver Medallist Bhavina Patel, Badminton racquet signed by Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Medallist Krishna Nagar. Discus signed by Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Silver Medallist Yogesh Khatuniya, racquet and badminton bag utilized by Tokyo Olympic 2020 Bronze medalist P.V. Sindhu. Badminton racquet signed by Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Medallist Pramod Bhagat.

Boxer Lovlina Borgohain’s gloves have already been sold at the auctions for Rs.10 crore.

Aside from that, countless athletic gear given by the Olympians are accessible for buy on the website. The current bid costs for the greater part of these things are Rs.10 crore presently, demonstrating their high fame.


Some apparel things, like a T-shirt by Paralympic silver medalist table tennis Bhavina Patel, and a book signed by the table tennis player for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games, are likewise going for the auction, and are cited at Rs 10.crore each as of now.

Message By P.V. Sindhu

Two-time Olympic Medal Winner PV Sindhu gave a video message encouraging everybody to partake in the closeout. In her message, she said that she was glad to discover that her gift (badminton Racquet) to PM Modi is being unloaded for this purpose.

She said, “Never felt that my racquet would serve a particularly special and respectable reason.” She further added that she is excitedly holding back to see who wins her racquet and adds to the Namami Gange Mission.

The returns from the e-Auction will go to the Namami Gange Mission that is expected to ration and revive Ganga.


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