KGF Chapter 2 Ending And Mid Credit Scene Explained, Is Rocky Dead And Will Part 3 Come

KGF Chapter 2 Ending And Mid Credit Scene Explained, Is Rocky Dead And Will Part 3 Come

The popular movie KGF Chapter 2’ Ending has left most of the viewer’s shocked and confused at the same time, know more about the ending of the movie and the mid-credit scene explained

KGF Chapter 2 is among the top action movie of 2022. The movie premiered on April 14, 2022, and has grossed more than Rs 700 crore at the Box Office. All the cast of the movie including Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, and especially Yash has also done a fantastic job in their performance.

KGF Chapter 2 Ending And Mid Credit Scene Explained: Is Rocky Dead And Will Part 3 Come

KGF Chapter 2 continues the Journey of Rocky where he moves ahead to fulfill the promise he made to his mother.  Rocky, contacted  Kamal, Andrews, Daya, and Rajendra for a meeting in the movie. He fixed the meeting after eliminating Garuda and gaining control of Kolar Gold Field. Of course, Kamal and everyone else was not aware that Rocky was alive and in charge of the field. Andrew and his friends assumed that it was Garuda and Virat who killed Rocky and were in charge of the gold. They are surprised to find Rocky on the site. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explanation

Moving further, Rocky had taken another important decision before arriving to meet them. Rocky orders his people to catch Vanaram who used to be the commander of Garuda’s army. Rocky did not kill him as he knew Vanaram was a person of integrity who might be of significant benefit to him. He makes Vanaram a proposition that if he trains his young guys, he will spare his life. Vanaram agreed and started to train the guys. Things started to get better under the rule of Rocky and with the assistance of Vanaram.


Also, Ramika Sen was the only worthy opponent left who could have defeated Rocky. But, our main character Rocky as well known stays one step ahead. He went to Delhi and handed over all the funds and corruptions reports to Rocky. In those reports, all the ministers of Ramika were involved in the case of a bribe by him. Ramnika takes the help of Adheera to defeat Rocky. An intense fight takes place between Rocky and Adheera where Rocky finally defeats him. He also finds out that Guru Pandya was the one who leaked information from his side and is a traitor.

Mid-Credit Scene of KGF Chapter 2

Rocky was very angry with the betrayal of the Guru whom he trusted a lot. So, he decided to take revenge on him himself and went to Delhi. Furthermore, we see he kills Pandaya in front of every which gives him a chance to Ramnika. She takes the evidence and plot against Rocky. The army moves forward and destroys the mines and attacks the people. But Rocky has made an alternate plan earlier and succeeds in escaping.

He also informed all the forces about his location which left Ramnika confused. In the end, we see forces start firing on the ship. Rocky and his gold are seen to be drowned in the movie. The mid-credit scene revealed that Rocky’s case has been investigated for a long time. It also revealed that he is involved in other crimes apart from case of Golds in 12 other countries.


Will Rocky Return In KGF Chapter 3?

The ending displayed that Rocky died but we all know that’s not the case. Especially, after the mid-credit scenes, the chances of Rocky being alive is 99%. Rocky will definitely return in KGF Chapter 3 and take revenge against Ramnika. Once again, Rocky will take the control of his empire and will be the uncrowned king of KGF.

The third part is also envisaged to tell the story of Rocky and his crimes in foreign countries and rewind years back.

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