Keys From the Golden Vault book 2023 release date and price

Keys From the Golden Vault book 2023 release date and price

Five new Dungeons and Dragons books are coming out in 2023 for gamers to enjoy. Keys From the Golden Vault, a fascinating yet nefarious adventure book full of tales, is the first to be published, know its release date

Here is all we know about the upcoming book, along with information on how to place a preorder.

“Keys From the Golden Vault” is to be published first.

Keys From the Golden Vault adventure book 2023 release date and price

Even though there are now hundreds of wonderful D&D books available to read, fresh adventures with heists, one-shot adventures, and new information are constantly being published. The Keys From the Golden Vault is a fascinating collection of living one-shots that is ideal for the player who consistently chooses a Rogue as one such novel encounter.


However, it can be challenging to locate information on this impending book. In light of this, we have included all the details you want regarding Key From the Golden Vault, including its release date, cost, and plot.

When will Keys From the Golden Vault be available?

Yes, a release date has been set for Keys From the Golden Vault. On February 21, 2023, in the USA, and on March 24, 2023, in the UK, the Dungeons and Dragons book will be released. This is due to the Amazon listing that covertly appeared in December 2022 and allowed for the full reveal and preorder of the much-awaited Winter 2023 book.

What is the price of the book?

Keys From the Golden Vault is currently priced at slightly under $50, making it a pricey purchase compared to many other D&D adventure books. However, it’s simple to understand why given the book’s specifics and content.


What subject will the book cover?

We do know there will be a series of little one-shot adventures, similar to Mysteries of Candlekeep, even though most of the book is still cloaked in mystery. However, this will be a heist-themed adventure book rather than one that largely focuses on mysteries and puzzles, giving players the ability to sneak through heavily guarded sites, steal, and pull off those crucial high-stakes heists.

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