Kalki 2898 AD Project K release date, cast, title name meaning, budget, director, teaser

Kalki 2898 AD Project K release date, cast, title name meaning, budget, director, teaser

Project K’s new name is “Kalki 2898 AD,” and everyone is excited to see the debut of this superhero action adventure, know its budget and name meaning

The first images from this Indian superhero action-adventure are as wild as the posters featuring the film’s main performers made them look. The ultimate title for Nag Ashwin’s long-awaited science fiction Project K is “Kalki 2898 AD,” and it will make its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

Kalki 2898 AD Project K release date, cast, title name meaning, budget, director and teaser

For now, Kalki 2898 AD ‘Project K’ is all set to release on January 12, 2024, in theatres.

Next year (2024), moviegoers will finally be able to see Prabhas’ much-anticipated blockbuster. It will have a pan-India release and is in fact a bilingual picture. Nag Ashwin has written and directed the blockbuster, making it his fourth feature film in this capacity. Prabhas, the “Darling” of TFI, will play the pivotal role.

Kalki 2898 AD ‘Project K’ at Comic-con 2023

The dates of San Diego Comic-Con 2023 are July 2023. The Project K cast and crew will be in attendance, including names like Kamal Haasan, Deepika Padukone, Prabhas, and Nag Ashwin. The cast and crew of Project K plan to unveil the film’s title, teaser trailer, and release date at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.


The film’s stars will also participate in a panel discussion on July 20 titled “This is Project K: A First Glimpse of India’s Mytho-Sci-Fi Epic.”

The Cast and Plot for the film

Dutt said that they plan to wrap filming in January 2023, and that after 8 months of post-production, they hope to release the film. In addition, he revealed that Amitabh Bachchan will play a part unlike any other.

Just so you know, The film also features Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and Disha Patani in addition to Prabhas; for Deepika, this will be her first Telugu film, and for Disha, the Telugu film Loafer marked her acting debut.


Produced by Vyjayanthi Movies, Kalki 2898 AD has a global release date of January 12, 2024 and the film will be out in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and English. As per reports, ‘Kalki 2898-AD’ has been made on a budget of Rs. 600 crores, making it the most expensive Indian film.

The movie is likely to be based on the Kalki avtar also marks the beginning of next yuga, which is called Satya Yuga. Not just Indian mythology, Kalki was also mentioned in Buddhist and Sikh texts and the first glimpse of ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ has the words ‘when the world is taken over by darkness, a force will arise.


Directed and written by Nag Ashwin, with support from Ashwini Dutt and the resources of the biggest production firm in TFI, Vyjayanthi Movies, this Prabhas-led film is currently in development. Dani Sanchez-Lopez was in charge of the camera work, and Mickey J. Meyer composed the score.

Project K’s co-producers are Swapna Dutt and Priyanka Dutt, while Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s name has been rumored as the editor because it is believed that the director has kept his Mahanati technicians on board.