Jurgen Klopp last game at Anfield, Liverpool vs Wolverhampton tickets price and ticket booking details

Jurgen Klopp last game at Anfield, Liverpool vs Wolverhampton tickets price and ticket booking details

Have a look at the tickets price for Jurgen Klopp’s last game at Anfield

Jurgen Klopp’s unexpected announcement of his departure from Liverpool at the conclusion of the 2023/24 Premier League season took everyone by surprise.

Despite leading his team towards a potential quadruple victory, Klopp cited dwindling energy as the reason for his decision.

Jurgen Klopp last game at Anfield as Liverpool manager tickets price and ticket booking details in 2024

In the aftermath of this revelation, speculation about Klopp’s successor has surfaced, with Xabi Alonso emerging as the immediate favorite. However, opportunistic ticket touts are already capitalizing on the situation, turning Klopp’s final game at Anfield into a lucrative venture.

Klopp’s Last Match Tickets Price

According to the reports, fans may have to shell out a staggering £25,000 for the privilege of witnessing Klopp’s last match, scheduled against Wolves on May 19 in the Premier League with tickets available on the official site here.


On certain black market platforms, tickets are being offered for as much as £18,000, and when adding VAT and service fees, the total cost balloons to £24,480. The focus of these exorbitant prices is on seats in Block L5 at the front of Anfield’s Main Stand, strategically positioned just behind the dugout.

Resale Tickets Price

While it provides an unparalleled vantage point for Klopp’s farewell, the stark contrast with the face value of £60 for these tickets highlights a significant markup. In fact, the resale website stands to make a staggering 40,700% profit, representing a 408-fold increase from the original value.

For those seeking more affordable options, even the lower-priced resale tickets for the Wolves game hover around £2,000, excluding VAT and additional charges.


To put this in perspective, resale tickets for Sir Alex Ferguson’s final game with Manchester United in 2013 were sold for approximately £3,000. Despite the steep cost, the match proved to be a thrilling spectacle, concluding with a 5-5 scoreline.

Ironically, the inflated prices for Klopp’s potential final game may not align with reality. Although it’s anticipated to be his last Premier League fixture, uncertainties surround Liverpool’s schedule, including a yet-to-be-scheduled home match against Luton Town.


Additionally, cup competitions, such as the Europa League and FA Cup, could extend Klopp’s tenure beyond the reported final league game.

Considering these factors, the exorbitant prices for tickets against Wolves seem even more outrageous. Regardless of Liverpool’s performance in cup competitions, it remains indisputably Klopp’s final game at Anfield, contributing to the demand and premium attached to these coveted seats.

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