John Pork is calling meme meaning explained as death of pig is mourned on TikTok and Reddit

John Pork is calling meme meaning explained as death of pig is mourned on TikTok and Reddit

The John Pork is calling meme trending is on TikTok. Find out more about the meme and the reason behind why it went viral

In recent years, memes have become an increasingly popular form of online communication and entertainment. Nowhere is this more evident than on the social media app TikTok, where memes have taken center stage and become a mainstay of the platform’s culture.

Similarly, at the beginning of this week, the platform was buzzing with the John Pork is Calling meme. However, just as suddenly, the internet has shifted its attention to mourning the fictional pig’s supposed death.

John Pork is calling meme meaning as death of pig is mourned on TikTok and Reddit

Soon it became trending on various social media platforms. However, if you have not been keeping up with the latest viral sensation on TikTok, and want to know about it, then this article is made for you as it covers everything you wanted to know about John Pork is calling meme.

So, let’s find out everything about it:

John pork
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What is John Pork is calling meme?

The latest viral meme to take over TikTok is the John Pork is Calling meme. For those who are unfamiliar, John Pork is a computer-generated pig who first made an appearance on Instagram in September 2018. However, it’s unclear whether the creation of this virtual influencer was meant to be a serious endeavor or just a fun animation project.

In the meme, users create videos that appear as if they are receiving a call from John Pork on their iPhone screen and are asked whether they want to pick up the call. The meme has taken the platform by storm, with countless users creating their own versions of the video.


Despite its widespread popularity, the John Pork is calling meme doesn’t appear to have any deeper meaning or hidden references. Moreover, its success seems to stem from its simplicity and the unsettling appearance of John Pork’s CGI face.

Why is it trending recently?

The John Pork is calling meme, which took TikTok by storm, has taken a dark turn, with users now mourning the death of the computer-generated pig.

Despite the lack of any official announcement from the character’s creator, users have been posting videos with the hashtag #RIPJohnPork, depicting the pig’s supposed demise.


The underlying premise of the joke is that John Pork has passed away due to some tragic event, and nobody was around to help him because they wouldn’t answer his calls.

These videos typically feature sad background music and various audio clips, with some suggesting that the pig was shot in downtown Atlanta, while others claim that he was simply ignored by everyone.

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