Joe Smith wife Kisha Chavis shoots fan bus video with Baby Alien aka Yabdiel Cotto

Joe Smith wife Kisha Chavis shoots fan bus video with Baby Alien aka Yabdiel Cotto

Kisha Chavis, the wife of former NBA star Joe Smith, found herself in the spotlight after a video featuring Yabdiel Cotto, also known as Baby Alien, went viral on social media

The video led to revelations about Chavis having an OF account, an adult content platform requiring a monthly subscription for access to her material.

Ex-NBA player Joe Smith wife Kisha Chavis shoots fan bus video with Baby Alien aka Yabdiel Cotto

Chavis & Baby Alien’s Viral Video

In the video, Baby Alien shared his fantasies about older women when Kisha Chavis surprised him, claiming difficulty finding a spouse due to his intimidating appearance.

On camera, he expressed, “Older women, that’s where you really learn,” to which Chavis responded, “I heard Alien was in here, come here, my little surprise, I came to take care of the baby.” Unbeknownst to Joe Smith, the video also featured Chavis, who had a past career in the adult entertainment industry, making it widely popular.


Chavis’ on OF?

The revelation of her return to adult content on OF was further confirmed by an explicit video she filmed. Joe Smith, upon discovering Chavis’s account, expressed displeasure, with TMZ reporting that Chavis recorded his reaction.

The situation escalated, leading to an altercation between Smith and Chavis, captured on film. The video gained significant attention, with estimates suggesting nearly 33 million views on adult content platforms. Concerned about potential leaks of personal material, Joe Smith emphasized his commitment to protecting his personal reputation if any private videos surfaced.

In a subsequent development, Smith and Chavis, who married in 2018, faced each other after weeks of verbal sparring in separate interviews.


Smith & Chavis 

Appearing on the Kevin Wesley podcast, Chavis confronted Smith about their relationship issues, expressing her disappointment and questioning why he couldn’t “get it together.”

Smith, taken aback, mumbled a response before attempting to leave the interview. Chavis pressed on, questioning her role as a motivating force in Smith’s life and expressing her frustration at not feeling like a good woman in their relationship.

The situation remained unresolved, leaving uncertainty about the future of their marriage. Prior to tying the knot, Smith and Kisha Chavis had shared a residence for several years. Chavis had previously stated that she entered into marriage with Smith with the expectation that their lives “would take off.”

However, their financial situation has proven challenging, with reports indicating that their main struggle stems from overspending beyond their financial capacity.


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