Jesse Williams New Girlfriend Ciara Pardo Is Ex-Wife Aryn Drake Lee Close Friend

Jesse Williams New Girlfriend Ciara Pardo Is Ex-Wife Aryn Drake Lee Close Friend

After being photographed out on a romantic date with his ex-wife Aryn Drake Lee’s good friend Ciara Pardo, the internet has labelled Jesse Williams as a cold-blooded human.

Jesse is most likely using Ciara to avenge his ex-wife Aryn.

Jesse Williams New Girlfriend Ciara Pardo Is The Ex-Wife Aryn Drake Lee Close Friend

The new girlfriend isn’t so new after all. Ciara Pardo is her name, and she used to be Jesse’s ex-wife, Aryn Drake-best Lee’s friend. Ciara was rumoured to be Jesse’s side woman during the marriage when news of the divorce initially surfaced.

Aryan actually used Ciara’s name in court paperwork, which caused a major rift between the two former pals. Jesse and Ciara both denied any romantic involvement at the time.


Either things have changed, or Jesse and Ciara weren’t fully honest when they denied they were dating. Because the two were photographed gallivanting about lower Manhattan, appearing like a happy couple, by photographers yesterday, Media Take Out learnt.

And you can bet that when Aryn sees the photos below, she’ll get even angrier in their tumultuous divorce. Jesse and Ciara appear to be on a romantic date as they walk through the streets of New York. They go hand in hand and then sit close to one another as they talk and eat.

So, who exactly is Ciara Pardo?

Ciara is also the former creative director of RiRi’s cosmetics business, as well as one of the country’s top art directors. She is the leader of a group of creative thinkers who help celebrities establish their businesses.

And what about Jesse Williams?

He is a director, producer, and campaigner in addition to being an actor. He played Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy from 2009 until 2012, and he has also acted in the films The Cabin in the Woods (2012), The Butler (2013), and Band Aid (2017). In Detroit: Become Human, he also supplied voice acting and motion capture for Markus (2018).


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