Jeanie Buss Old Tweets Thirsting On NBA Players And Twitter Account Go Viral

Jeanie Buss Old Tweets Thirsting On NBA Players And Twitter Account Go Viral

Let’s have a look at the tweets getting spotlight of the Lakers owner Jeanie Buss with her having a raunchy time on Twitter

What is the scene with Jeanie Buss and the tweets? And why are people talking about it nowadays? Jeanie Buss is not some ordinary somebody, why? Simple, because she is the owner of NBA’s one of the most valuable, popular franchises which have won the most NBA Championships in history, Los Angeles Lakers. 

It is very easy to get browsed on social media when you are one of the most famous owners. Lakers no doubt are among the best teams but it is nowadays being talked about for its poor form and continuous losses. While the team is back to back making records of losses, fans will definitely go through everything related to the teams, the players, the owners etc.

The poor form and season brought some extra spotlight on the owner that went far from just basketball results. Going beyond the game, people came across some cringe tweets by Buss.

Jeanie Buss’s Twitter Account Goes Viral After Old Tweets Of Her Thirsting On NBA Players Go Viral


Unprofessional tweets? Yes, because what she tweeted about the player was nowhere related to his skills or the game but his appearance. Buss had some unprofessional words about former NBA player Johnny Flynn in the year 2009 calling him a “cutie”.

This isn’t much! Here is another flirty tweet from 2009 by Buss calling Kevin Love who currently plays for Cleveland Cavaliers, as the “hottest guy in NBA.”


One tweet was not enough as she has a few more such tweets about Kevin from the year, let’s have a look at one where Buss finds him “hot”.

Buss asking Kevin for some more ” sexy” commercial here!


Chris Paul got some appreciation too, for his appearance as “a cutie”.

This is not the end, Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant gets mentioned as well!


The tweets are from the year 2009, the time before she took over for her father as controlling owner of the Lakers and still, those are getting attention after years, might be the only disadvantage of being one of the most famous owners of some big franchise in sports history.

Jerry Buss died in the year 2013 after which, the franchise was equally given to six of his children.

People on the internet might conclude that the tweets should be deleted as she is now the owner of the Lakers but there was nothing terrible she said. It might look cringe or funny now looking at her as the owner of ” The Los Angeles Lakers”, but the tweets are from before, and she shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Everyone has a growing stage, everyone has written something like this on the internet earlier, it’s just that people have eyes on the not so ordinary someone like “Jeanie Buss”.

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