Who Is Toko San Japanese Man Who Spends Rs 12 Lakh And Becomes Dog, Photo, Before And After, Costume

Who Is Toko San Japanese Man Who Spends Rs 12 Lakh And Becomes Dog, Photo, Before And After, Costume

Japanese Man Toko San got himself transformed into a dog with the help of a life-size dog outfit, created by Zeppet, find out more about him and his before and after

We all know that some people love animals so much and primarily, the dog has become a household favourite.

Many of the houses have pet dogs now as they regard them as their friends and siblings. In a world full of people who are busy in their life, pet dogs have become their friends and a way to do some recreation.

Know Who Is Toko San Japanese Man Who Spends Rs 12 Lakh And Becomes Dog, Photo, Before And After, Costume

But have you ever heard that someone wants to become a dog? While we all know that people wanted to become something in their life such as doctors, engineers and others, one man wants to become a dog.

And in pursuit of this, he actually became a dog and lived like a dog by spending a lot of money. So, let’s find out more about him, and his journey from being a human to a dog:

Who Is This Japanese Man Toco?

The man who became a dog is from and his name is reportedly Toco-San. He has been transformed into the Collie species of dog.


It is reported that he adores all “quadrupedal animals,” but he picked a dog, especially a rough collie since its long hair “mislead the human figure.”  Collies are Toko-favorite San’s dog breed, that’s why he chooses them.

Toko-San uploaded a video to his YouTube account last month in which he is dressed as a dog and seems to go through the movements of what’s it like to be a dog.

Why Did He Want To Become A Dog?

According to news.mynavi, a local Japanese news site, this man has always wanted to be a dog and was willing to pay for it.

People are baffled by his latest photographs released on Twitter. He doesn’t resemble the guy he was before entirely morphing into his favourite animal, a “dog.”


How Did This Japanese Man Toco Transform Himself Into A Dog?

Interestingly, the guy did not have any surgery or medical treatment for changing biologically himself into a dog. Instead of this, he opted for a sewn dog costume that he wears to impersonate a dog.

For this, he contacted Zeppet, a professional organization that specializes in sculpting for entertainment purposes such as movies, advertisements, and amusement parks.

He requested that the agency create a life-size dog outfit that would allow him to impersonate a genuine dog. The agency also posted photos of the strange outfit on its Twitter account, along with the message,


At the request of an individual, we made a dog modelling suit. Modelled after a collie dog, it reproduces the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs like a real dog.

The one-of-a-kind and strange outfit took roughly 40 days to create and cost over Rs 12 lakh. The new man-turned-dog also posted a video of himself dressed up as a gigantic dog, and trust me, he actually looks like a real one. More than 5 million people have seen the video so far.

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