Jamal Musiala ‘three to the dome’ Carmelo Anthony goal celebration meaning explained

Jamal Musiala ‘three to the dome’ Carmelo Anthony goal celebration meaning explained

Check out the meaning and inspiration behind Jamal Musiala’s celebration as fans flooded the social media platform X/Twitter with celebratory pictures after game against Hungary

For the unfamiliar, Musiala has electrified Euro 2024 with outstanding performances for Germany. The Bayern Munich forward has started and scored in both games, helping Die Mannschaft become the first team to qualify for the knockout stages.

Musiala opened the scoring against Hungary with a powerful close-range shot, followed by Ilkay Gundogan adding a second goal after the break.

Jamal Musiala ‘three to the dome’ Carmelo Anthony inspired goal celebration meaning explained

Beyond his on-field brilliance, Musiala’s unique celebration has caught fans’ attention.

The 21-year-old puts three fingers on his head, a gesture known as ‘three to the dome.’ But what does Musiala’s ‘three to the dome’ mean? Let’s explore the origins and possible explanations of this celebration.

Musiala’s Celebration Meaning & Inspiration

The ‘three to the dome’ celebration originates from the NBA, where it was popularized by former basketball star Carmelo Anthony.


Anthony adopted the gesture from his New York Knicks teammate, Rasheed Wallace. During training, Wallace would say, ‘That’s three to the dome’ whenever Anthony made a three-pointer.

Anthony then carried this celebration into games, making the gesture whenever he scored. The gesture possibly signifies telling opponents they’ve given away an easy three-pointer or that they’ve been metaphorically ‘shot’ by conceding a three-pointer.

While football lacks a direct equivalent to a three-pointer, Musiala, a known basketball fan, has incorporated this gesture into his celebrations. In a past interview with Copa 90, he mentioned his admiration for Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry.


Who will Germany face in the Round of 16?

Musiala’s team needs just a point to top Group A when they face Switzerland in their final group game on Sunday.

The winner of Group A will face the runner-up of Group C, which includes England, Slovenia, Denmark, and Serbia, in the Round of 16.

If Germany finishes second in their group, they will face the runner-up of the group containing Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Albania.


In another update, reports suggest that Germany legend Lothar Matthaus has compared Musiala to Lionel Messi.

The 1990 Ballon d’Or winner believes the Bayern Munich player has the potential to become a new GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

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