Jalen Milroe bio, age, height, parents, high school, 40 yard dash time and speed, stats

Jalen Milroe bio, age, height, parents, high school, 40 yard dash time and speed, stats

Know the 40 yard dash speed and time of Jalen Milroe along with his parents and high school

We examine the career journey and statistics of Alabama Crimson Tide star Jalen Milroe, who is one of the most influential quarterbacks in college football and has the potential to become a promising NFL prospect

Jalen Milroe emerged as the standout performer in the matchup against Mississippi State, showcasing exceptional skills and guiding his team to a convincing 40-17 triumph. In the course of the game, Milroe secured two touchdowns on 11 rushing attempts, accumulating a total of 69 yards on the ground. Additionally, the quarterback displayed precision by successfully connecting on 10 of his 12 passing attempts, amassing a total of 164 passing yards.

Jalen Milroe bio, age, height, parents, high school, 40 yard dash time and speed, career stats

How Jalen Milroe made his name known to fans?

Born on December 13, 2002, Jalen Milroe has rapidly built a stellar reputation for himself at the tender age of 20. Standing at an imposing 6-foot-2 and weighing approximately 220 pounds, this Texan native embarked on his football journey at Obra D. Tompkins High School, showcasing his extraordinary talent from the outset.


Milroe comes from a military family and his father, Quentin, was a Marine who served in Iraq and his mother, Lola, was in the Navy.

Milroe attended Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas and as a junior, he threw for 2,689 yards and 29 touchdowns adding an additional eight touchdowns rushing.

Milroe reached an impressive top speed of 22 miles per hour while facing Middle Tennessee. Moreover, this Crimson Tide standout clocked an impressive 40-yard dash time of 4.64 seconds, emphasizing his explosive athleticism. A breathtaking 34.80-inch vertical jump further underscores Milroe’s exceptional physical prowess.

Although Alabama may have initially harbored concerns about his performance, it is now abundantly clear that Milroe is prepared to dazzle both fans and adversaries alike. The trajectory of Jalen Milroe’s football stardom began during his time at Obra D. Tompkins.


In his junior year, the quarterback recorded an impressive 29 touchdowns and amassed 2,689 passing yards, while also contributing 8 rushing touchdowns and 378 yards on the ground. His senior year continued the trend of excellence, with Milroe achieving 13 touchdowns and 1,136 passing yards.

Know records and statistics from Milroe’s eventful career

In sum, Milroe accumulated a grand total of 53 touchdowns, with 3,825 passing yards and 559 rushing yards during his high school career. Notably, Milroe led his team to victory in approximately 30 games across three seasons. After graduating from high school, he initially enrolled at Texas University but ultimately made the pivotal decision to transfer to the University of Alabama in 2021.

Milroe’s collegiate journey commenced with him serving as a backup to the Carolina Panthers’ star quarterback, Bryce Young, during his freshman year. In this capacity, he appeared in just four games, delivering one touchdown for 41 yards and accumulating 57 rushing yards on 15 carries. However, in 2022, Milroe’s fortunes changed as he ascended to the starting quarterback position after Young suffered an injury.

Following an initial loss in this role, Tyler Buchner temporarily assumed the starting position. Nevertheless, Buchner’s performance fell short, and Jalen Milroe regained his spot. Over the course of his college career, Milroe has amassed 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, totaling 1,012 passing yards. Impressively, he has completed 78 of his 126 passing attempts, also contributing 3 touchdowns and 440 yards as a rusher.


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