Jack Harlow KFC Meal Price, Locations, Menu, Release Date And Where To Buy

Jack Harlow KFC Meal Price, Locations, Menu, Release Date And Where To Buy

Jack Harlow KFC meal is slated to be released on June 6, but what exactly does it include and what is its price

This is the singer’s second collaboration with KFC. Last year, Jack worked with Yum! Brand (KFC’s parent business) to contribute $250,000 to the American Red Cross to support those affected by the December 11 tornado.

Jack Harlow KFC Meal Price, Locations, Menu, Release Date, Where To Buy

The first Jack’s Finger-Lickin’ Favourite the rapper lists is the Mac & Cheese, which comes in at $2.69, plus $3.99 for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich (heavy on the ranch), plus $2.69 for the Secret Recipe Fries and top it off with a refreshing $1.99 lemonade. and together, it all comes out to $11.36. However, the actual price will likely be more accessible.

What Comes With Jack Harlow’s KFC Meal?

KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Mac & Cheese, Secret Recipe Fries, a side of ranch, and chilled lemonade will be included in the Jack Harlow KFC meal.


To spice things up, KFC has introduced limited edition packaging that customers may enjoy when they purchase the item. It is yet unknown how long the contract will endure. Some KFC locations are expected to play hit songs by Jack for his fans to enjoy while they eat the new burger. If you want to buy a KFC meal, you can do so by visiting a nearby location or purchasing the food online or using the KFC app.

Jack Harlow Merch Will Be Available Soon

Aside from the meal, KFC has collaborated with the performer to release limited-edition merchandise. Details about it have not yet been disclosed. People who have the KFC app, on the other hand, will be the first to learn about it.

If you want to get your hands on some awesome goods, we recommend downloading the app right immediately. According to People, when questioned about the supper he cooked, Jack stated that every dish is a recollection of his upbringing since its flavour of it transports him back in time.


Has KFC Partnered With Other Celebrities?

This is the first time KFC has worked with a celebrity. It appears that the food chain is ramping up its game to catch up to McDonald’s, a company that has cooperated with celebrities such as BTS, Saweetie, and others.

Given the success of the collaboration with Jack, it would not be surprising if the company decided to collaborate with additional celebrities in the future.


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