IWF World Cup 2024 weightlifting medal table today, schedule, date, time, results, live stream telecast

IWF World Cup 2024 weightlifting medal table today, schedule, date, time, results, live stream telecast

We examine the latest results, medal tally, schedule, & streaming details of the 2024 IWF World Cup, which will take place from 31st March to 11th April in Thailand

According to the most recent updates, China is at the top of the medal tally in the IWF World Cup 2024, securing a total of 7 medals, which include 2 golds and 2 silvers. On the other hand, India occupies the sixth position, primarily due to the medals won by Bindyarani Devi. It’s worth noting that this esteemed competition will continue until April 11th in Phuket, Thailand.

IWF World Cup 2024 Thailand weightlifting medal tally table today, schedule, date, time, results, live stream telecast

Gold Silver Bronze Total
China 2 2 3 7
Vietnam 2 1 4 7
USA 1 1 0 2
Thailand 0 6 1 7
Romania 0 2 1 3
India 0 1 1 2
Indonesia 0 1 0 1
Phillipines 0 0 1 1
Canada 0 0 1 1

2024 IWF World Cup latest results, schedule, date, time, venue, medal winners list, & Indian weightlifters’ performance

Bindyarani Devi, an Indian weightlifter, seized a bronze medal at the IWF World Cup 2024 in Phuket, Thailand on Tuesday. Demonstrating her skill in the women’s 55kg category, a non-Olympic event, she exhibited remarkable strength with a total lift of 196kg—comprising an 83kg snatch and a 113kg clean and jerk—securing her third place.

Although laudable, this performance didn’t match her silver medal win at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where she lifted a total of 203kg. Kang Hyon Gyong from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claimed the gold medal in Phuket with an impressive 234kg lift (103kg snatch + 131kg clean and jerk). Meanwhile, Mihaela Cambei of Romania secured the silver with a personal best of 201kg (91kg snatch + 110kg clean and jerk).


In another event on Monday, Mirabai Chanu competed in the women’s 49kg category, finishing 12th in Phuket. With her current second-place overall ranking, she seems well-positioned to secure an Olympic quota for India at Paris 2024. Bindyarani Devi and Mirabai Chanu represented India as the sole participants in the IWF World Cup 2024, which concludes on April 11th.

we examine the detailed schedule for this tournament:
Date Time (AEDT) Event
March 31 3:30 PM Women’s 45kg Group B
March 31 6:00 PM Men’s 55kg Group B
March 31 11:00 PM Women’s 45kg Group A
April 1 1:30 AM Women’s 49kg Group C
April 1 1:00 PM Women’s 55kg Group C
April 1 3:30 PM Men’s 61kg Group C
April 1 6:00 PM Women’s 49kg Group B
April 1 8:30 PM Women’s 49kg Group A
April 1 11:00 PM Men’s 55kg Group A
April 2 1:00 PM Women’s 59kg Group D
April 2 3:30 PM Men’s 61kg Group B
April 2 6:00 PM Women’s 55kg Group B
April 2 8:30 PM Men’s 61kg Group A
April 2 11:00 PM Women’s 55kg Group A
April 3 1:30 AM Women’s 59kg Group C
April 3 1:00 PM Men’s 73kg Group D
April 3 3:30 PM Men’s 67kg Group C
April 3 6:00 PM Men’s 67kg Group B
April 3 8:30 PM Women’s 59kg Group B
April 3 11:00 PM Women’s 59kg Group A
April 4 1:00 PM Women’s 64kg Group C
April 4 3:30 PM Men’s 73kg Group C
April 4 6:00 PM Men’s 73kg Group B
April 4 8:30 PM Men’s 67kg Group A
April 4 11:00 PM Men’s 73kg Group A
April 5 1:00 PM Men’s 89kg Group D
April 5 3:30 PM Men’s 89kg Group C
April 5 6:00 PM Men’s 81kg Group C
April 5 8:30 PM Women’s 64kg Group B
April 5 11:00 PM Women’s 64kg Group A
April 6 1:00 PM Women’s 71kg Group D
April 6 3:30 PM Men’s 81kg Group B
April 6 6:00 PM Men’s 89kg Group B
April 6 8:30 PM Men’s 81kg Group A
April 6 11:00 PM Men’s 89kg Group A
April 7 1:30 AM Women’s 71kg Group C
April 7 1:00 PM Men’s 96kg Group C
April 7 3:30 PM Women’s 71kg Group B
April 7 6:00 PM Men’s 96kg Group B
April 7 8:30 PM Men’s 96kg Group A
April 7 11:00 PM Women’s 71kg Group A
April 8 1:30 AM Men’s 102kg Group D
April 8 1:00 PM Men’s 102kg Group C
April 8 3:30 PM Men’s 102kg Group B
April 8 6:00 PM Women’s 76kg Group B
April 8 8:30 PM Women’s 76kg Group A
April 8 11:00 PM Men’s 102kg Group A
April 9 1:30 AM Women’s 81kg Group D
April 9 1:00 PM Women’s 81kg Group C
April 9 3:30 PM Women’s 81kg Group B
April 9 6:00 PM Women’s 87kg Group B
April 9 8:30 PM Women’s 81kg Group A
April 9 11:00 PM Women’s 87kg Group A
April 10 1:30 AM Women’s +87kg Group C
April 10 3:30 PM Women’s +87kg Group B
April 10 6:00 PM Men’s 109kg Group B
April 10 8:30 PM Women’s +87kg Group A
April 10 11:00 PM Men’s 109kg Group A
April 11 3:30 PM Men’s +109kg Group C
April 11 6:00 PM Men’s +109kg Group B
April 11 8:30 PM Men’s +109kg Group A

When And Where to Watch: live streaming & telecast


The 2024 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Cup in Thailand will stream live on Weightlifting House TV, accessible through subscription. You can watch the live events of the IWF World Cup 2024 on the International Weightlifting Federation’s Facebook page.


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