Ishura anime release date, voice actors cast, plot story, where to watch online

Ishura anime release date, voice actors cast, plot story, where to watch online

Let’s update our Anime List! The creators of the Ishura have finally confirmed that adaptation of the anime series as they revealed the main cast along with the OTT streaming platform, know its predicted release date

If you’re curious to know more  about the upcoming anime series, let us make it clear, here is all the information and updates that one needs to know about the anime series.

For those who are unversed, let us tell you, the upcoming anime Ishura is truly based on an original light novel series by Keiso and Kureta that started serialisation back in September 2019.

The fantasy adventure game Ishura takes place in a world that has recently been overrun by an army of monsters and demigods as a result of the Demon King’s untimely demise. A new group of heroes must now defeat these forces.

Ishura anime release date, voice actors cast list, plot story, where to watch online

As per the statement released by the makers “each pursue challenges against formidable foes and spark conflicts among themselves” due to their ultimate goal of determining “the mightiest of the mighty.”

OTT Release Platform

For those who are curious, let us tell you, Ishura’s anime adaptation was first announced in February 2023, but the franchise has just confirmed that the show will only be available on Disney Plus.

The fact that this OTT streaming deal with Disney Plus is global means that fans won’t have to worry about access being restricted to specific regions.


Release Date

Although a target release date has not yet been set, it is anticipated that the series will debut on the Fall anime schedule as early as October 2023.

Voice Cast

If you’re wondering to know more about the voice cast of the series, let us tell you, as per several reports, the cast of the show includes:


Yuki Kaji voicing Soujiro the Willow-Sword

Reina Ueda voicing Yuno the Distant Talon

Akio Otsuka voicing Silent Harugent, aka Hargent the Still


Jun Fukuyama voicing Hoshase Ars, aka Ars the Starride.

Let us remind you again the anime series, Ishura will premiere online at the streaming platform Disney+.

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